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18620 DUMK RNC EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected18:45 23 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Dumka18:45Right TimeYet to start
2Jama18:5718:58Right Time12 km
3Basukinath19:1119:13Right Time22 km
4Ghormara19:3619:37Right Time45 km
5Deoghar19:5819:59Right Time65 km
6Jasidih Jn20:2020:40Right Time71 km
7Madhupur Jn21:0521:07Right Time100 km
8Vidyasagar21:2621:27Right Time124 km
9Jamtara21:4521:46Right Time142 km
10Chittaranjan22:0322:04Right Time157 km
11Asansol Jn23:0023:20Right Time181 km
12Joychandi Pahar23:5900:01Right Time219 km
13Bhojudih Jn00:3400:36Right Time248 km
14Bokaro Stl City02:0502:10Right Time294 km
15Jhalida02:4402:45Right Time334 km
16Muri03:0803:10Right Time346 km
17Ranchi04:35Right Time411 km