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18621 PATLIPUTRA EXP Running status

Departure15:05 Right Time
Platform 10
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Patna Jn15:05Right TimeYet to start
2Rajendranagar T15:1715:19Right Time2 km
3Patna Saheb15:2715:29Right Time10 km
4Fatuha15:4115:43Right Time22 km
5Khusropur15:5215:54Right Time30 km
6Bakhtiyarpur Jn16:0916:11Right Time45 km
7Athmal Gola16:1716:19Right Time54 km
8Barh16:2616:28Right Time63 km
9Punarakh16:4116:43Right Time74 km
10Mor16:5416:56Right Time82 km
11Mokameh Jn17:0517:07Right Time89 km
12Hathidah Jn17:1417:16Right Time96 km
13Rampur Dumra17:2117:23Right Time101 km
14Barhiya17:2917:31Right Time107 km
15Dumari H17:3617:38Right Time111 km
16Mankatha17:4617:48Right Time116 km
17Luckeesarai Jn17:5417:56Right Time122 km
18Kiul Jn18:1018:12Right Time123 km
19Bansipur18:2018:22Right Time131 km
20Mananpur18:2918:31Right Time137 km
21Bhalui18:3918:41Right Time142 km
22Jamui18:5018:52Right Time151 km
23Chaura Bh19:0019:02Right Time159 km
24Gidhaur19:0919:11Right Time166 km
25Jhajha20:0520:10Right Time177 km
26Simultala20:2620:27Right Time196 km
27Jasidih Jn20:5320:55Right Time221 km
28Sankarpur21:0421:05Right Time230 km
29Mathurapur21:1521:16Right Time239 km
30Madhupur Jn21:3021:32Right Time250 km
31Vidyasagar21:5121:52Right Time274 km
32Jamtara22:1022:11Right Time292 km
33Chittaranjan22:2722:29Right Time307 km
34Asansol Jn23:3023:50Right Time331 km
35Joychandi Pahar00:2800:30Right Time369 km
36Bhojudih Jn01:0301:05Right Time398 km
37Bokaro Stl City02:3002:40Right Time444 km
38Jhalida03:1903:20Right Time484 km
39Muri03:4503:50Right Time496 km
40Namkon04:5905:00Right Time557 km
41Ranchi05:2005:30Right Time561 km
42Hatia05:45Right Time568 km