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18622 PATLIPUTRA EXP Running status

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EExpected22:00 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Hatia22:00Right TimeYet to start
2Ranchi22:1522:25Right Time6 km
3Namkon22:3222:33Right Time11 km
4Muri23:3523:40Right Time68 km
5Jhalida23:5900:01Right Time81 km
6Bokaro Stl City00:4000:50Right Time121 km
7Bhojudih Jn01:5501:57Right Time167 km
8Joychandi Pahar03:1303:15Right Time196 km
9Asansol Jn04:1004:30Right Time233 km
10Chittaranjan05:0005:03Right Time258 km
11Jamtara05:1705:19Right Time273 km
12Vidyasagar05:3605:37Right Time291 km
13Madhupur Jn06:1106:15Right Time315 km
14Mathurapur06:2706:28Right Time326 km
15Sankarpur06:3606:37Right Time335 km
16Jasidih Jn06:4906:52Right Time344 km
17Simultala07:2007:21Right Time369 km
18Jhajha07:5007:55Right Time388 km
19Gidhaur08:0308:05Right Time399 km
20Chaura Bh08:1208:13Right Time406 km
21Jamui08:2008:22Right Time414 km
22Bhalui08:3108:32Right Time423 km
23Mananpur08:4008:42Right Time428 km
24Bansipur08:4908:50Right Time434 km
25Kiul Jn09:0009:02Right Time441 km
26Luckeesarai Jn09:0709:09Right Time443 km
27Mankatha09:1709:18Right Time448 km
28Dhurant Jwas H09:2209:23Right Time450 km
29Dumari H09:2909:30Right Time453 km
30Barhiya09:3409:36Right Time458 km
31Rampur Dumra09:4309:44Right Time464 km
32Hathidah Jn09:4909:51Right Time468 km
33Mokameh Jn10:0110:03Right Time475 km
34Mor10:1010:11Right Time483 km
35Punarakh10:2110:23Right Time491 km
36Barh10:3610:38Right Time501 km
37Athmal Gola10:4610:48Right Time510 km
38Bakhtiyarpur Jn10:5811:00Right Time519 km
39Khusropur11:2011:22Right Time534 km
40Fatuha11:3611:38Right Time543 km
41Patna Saheb11:5611:58Right Time555 km
42Rajendranagar T12:1612:18Right Time562 km
43Patna Jn13:40Right Time565 km