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18646 EAST COAST EXP Running status

Departure09:50 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Aug 2018 2:15
1Hyderabad Decan09:50Right TimeYet to start
2Secunderabad Jn10:1510:20Right Time9 km
3Bhongir10:5911:00Right Time64 km
4Aler11:1911:20Right Time87 km
5Jangaon11:3411:35Right Time101 km
6Kazipet Jn12:3812:40Right Time149 km
7Warangal12:5312:55Right Time169 km
8Mahbubabad13:4013:41Right Time229 km
9Khammam14:3014:32Right Time276 km
10Vijayawada Jn16:3016:50Right Time375 km
11Eluru17:3817:39Right Time435 km
12Tadepalligudem18:1518:16Right Time483 km
13Nidadavolu Jn18:3518:36Right Time502 km
14Rajamundry19:2219:27Right Time525 km
15Dwarapudi19:3919:40Right Time545 km
16Samalkot Jn20:0520:06Right Time575 km
17Pithapuram20:1820:19Right Time587 km
18Annavaram20:3620:37Right Time612 km
19Tuni20:5220:53Right Time629 km
20Ellamanchiii21:2321:24Right Time668 km
21Anakapalle22:0922:10Right Time692 km
22Duvvada22:5022:52Right Time708 km
23Visakhapatnam23:3523:55Right Time726 km
24Simhachalam00:1100:13Right Time734 km
25Kottavalasa00:2800:30Right Time752 km
26Vizianagram Jn01:0301:05Right Time786 km
27Chipurupalli01:3301:35Right Time817 km
28Srikakulam Road02:1102:13Right Time856 km
29Naupada Jn02:4702:49Right Time903 km
30Palasa03:1803:20Right Time929 km
31Sompeta03:4703:49Right Time960 km
32Ichchapuram04:0304:05Right Time978 km
33Brahmapur04:3404:39Right Time1003 km
34Chatrapur04:5404:56Right Time1024 km
35Khallikot05:2605:28Right Time1061 km
36Chilka05:3805:40Right Time1071 km
37Balugaon05:5005:52Right Time1078 km
38Kalupara Ghat06:2006:22Right Time1106 km
39Nirakarpur06:3506:37Right Time1124 km
40Khurda Road Jn07:1007:30Right Time1149 km
41Bhubaneswar07:5808:03Right Time1168 km
42Barang08:2108:22Right Time1183 km
43Cuttack08:4208:47Right Time1195 km
44Kendrapara Road08:5508:56Right Time1199 km
45Dhanmandal09:1809:19Right Time1227 km
46Jajpur Keonjhar Road09:4909:51Right Time1263 km
47Korai09:5709:58Right Time1268 km
48Baitarni Road10:0510:06Right Time1275 km
49Bhadrakh10:3810:40Right Time1306 km
50Markona10:5210:54Right Time1320 km
51Soro11:1111:12Right Time1335 km
52Balasore11:3911:44Right Time1368 km
53Rupsa Jn12:0012:01Right Time1386 km
54Basta12:1212:13Right Time1396 km
55Jaleswar12:2812:30Right Time1415 km
56Belda12:5612:58Right Time1448 km
57Kharagpur Jn13:4313:48Right Time1486 km
58Panskura14:2814:30Right Time1531 km
59Mecheda14:4314:45Right Time1545 km
60Santragachi Jn15:2915:31Right Time1596 km
61Howrah Jn16:10Right Time1604 km