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19016 SAURASHTRA EXP Running status

Departure21:05 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated20 Jul 2018 2:15
1Porbandar21:05Right TimeYet to start
2Ranavav21:1921:20Right Time13 km
3Sakhpur21:3221:33Right Time27 km
4Wansjaliya Jn21:4321:44Right Time34 km
5Bhanvad21:5922:00Right Time52 km
6Gop Jam22:1722:18Right Time71 km
7Lalpur Jam22:3622:37Right Time88 km
8Jamnagar23:4923:51Right Time133 km
9Hapa00:0600:08Right Time141 km
10Rajkot Jn01:2501:30Right Time217 km
11Wankaner Jn02:1702:19Right Time259 km
12Than Jn02:4402:46Right Time286 km
13Surendranagar03:2203:24Right Time334 km
14Viramgam Jn04:3104:33Right Time398 km
15Jakhvada04:4404:46Right Time410 km
16Chharodi04:5604:58Right Time423 km
17Sanand05:0705:09Right Time435 km
18Ambli Road05:1805:20Right Time447 km
19Sabarmati Jn05:3505:37Right Time458 km
20Ahmedabad Jn06:1006:40Right Time464 km
21Maninagar06:4606:48Right Time467 km
22Barejadi Nandej07:0907:11Right Time480 km
23Mahemadavad Kheda Road07:2107:23Right Time492 km
24Nadiad Jn07:5808:00Right Time509 km
25Kanjari Boriyavi08:1108:12Right Time520 km
26Anand Jn08:2508:27Right Time527 km
27Vasad Jn08:4908:51Right Time543 km
28Vadodara Jn09:2509:35Right Time563 km
29Vishvamitri Jn09:4209:44Right Time566 km
30Itola09:5809:59Right Time581 km
31Miyagam Karjan Jn10:1010:11Right Time593 km
32Palej10:2210:24Right Time608 km
33Nabipur10:4210:43Right Time621 km
34Bharuch Jn10:5610:58Right Time633 km
35Ankleshwar Jn11:1011:12Right Time643 km
36Panoli11:2211:23Right Time653 km
37Kosamba Jn11:3111:32Right Time661 km
38Kim11:4111:43Right Time669 km
39Sayan11:5311:54Right Time679 km
40Surat12:2012:30Right Time692 km
41Udhna Jn12:4612:48Right Time696 km
42Maroli12:5713:04Right Time713 km
43Navsari13:1813:20Right Time722 km
44Amalsad13:3213:34Right Time737 km
45Bilimora Jn13:4113:43Right Time742 km
46Valsad14:1514:20Right Time761 km
47Pardi14:2914:31Right Time771 km
48Udvada14:3914:41Right Time777 km
49Vapi14:4914:58Right Time785 km
50Bhilad15:1615:18Right Time798 km
51Sanjan15:2815:29Right Time809 km
52Umargam Road15:3115:38Right Time815 km
53Gholwad15:5315:55Right Time824 km
54Dahanu Road16:1116:13Right Time835 km
55Boisar16:2916:31Right Time856 km
56Palghar16:4116:45Right Time868 km
57Saphale17:0417:06Right Time882 km
58Virar17:3017:32Right Time899 km
59Borivali18:0518:07Right Time925 km
60Dadar Wr18:3818:42Right Time949 km
61Mumbai Central19:15Right Time954 km