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19020 DEHRADUN EXP Running status

Departure10:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Aug 2018 2:15
1Dehradun10:00Right TimeYet to start
2Doiwala10:2710:29Right Time20 km
3Raiwala Jn11:0011:02Right Time40 km
4Motichur11:1611:18Right Time47 km
5Haridwar Jn12:0012:30Right Time52 km
6Jwalapur12:3612:38Right Time56 km
7Laksar Jn13:4514:20Right Time79 km
8Roorkee14:4214:47Right Time97 km
9Saharanpur15:4016:05Right Time132 km
10Deoband16:3316:35Right Time166 km
11Muzaffarnagar16:5316:55Right Time190 km
12Khatauli17:4017:42Right Time212 km
13Meerut Cant18:0318:05Right Time241 km
14Meerut City Jn18:2519:10Right Time246 km
15Modinagar19:2519:27Right Time265 km
16Muradnagar19:3619:38Right Time275 km
17Naya Ghaziabad19:5019:51Right Time287 km
18Ghaziabad20:3020:32Right Time293 km
19Sahibabad20:4020:42Right Time300 km
20Hazrat Nizamuddin21:2021:50Right Time320 km
21Tugalakabad22:1822:20Right Time331 km
22Faridabad22:3422:36Right Time341 km
23Ballabgarh22:4822:50Right Time349 km
24Palwal23:3623:38Right Time370 km
25Kosi Kalan00:0800:10Right Time413 km
26Mathura Jn01:2501:30Right Time454 km
27Bharatpur Jn02:0602:08Right Time487 km
28Bayana Jn02:3802:40Right Time529 km
29Fateh Singhpura03:0303:05Right Time549 km
30Hindaun City03:1803:20Right Time562 km
31Shri Mahabirji03:3003:32Right Time572 km
32Gangapur City04:1004:15Right Time606 km
33Narayanpur Tatwara04:3404:35Right Time623 km
34Malarna04:5104:52Right Time640 km
35Sawai Madhopur05:2005:25Right Time670 km
36Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi05:5305:55Right Time707 km
37Lakheri06:0506:07Right Time717 km
38Kapren06:2806:30Right Time744 km
39Keshorai Patan06:4806:50Right Time764 km
40Gurla06:5807:00Right Time772 km
41Kota Jn07:3007:40Right Time778 km
42Dakaniya Talav07:5607:57Right Time787 km
43Dara08:2608:28Right Time825 km
44Morak08:4408:45Right Time840 km
45Ramganj Mandi08:5909:00Right Time850 km
46Jhalawar Road09:1009:12Right Time862 km
47Bhawani Mandi09:3309:35Right Time878 km
48Garot09:5409:55Right Time901 km
49Shamgarh10:1310:15Right Time911 km
50Suwasra10:3310:35Right Time925 km
51Chaumahla10:5010:55Right Time940 km
52Thuria11:0811:10Right Time954 km
53Vikramgarh Alot11:3011:35Right Time963 km
54Luni Richha11:5311:55Right Time975 km
55Mahidpur Road12:1012:15Right Time986 km
56Nagda Jn13:0513:15Right Time1003 km
57Khachrod13:2613:28Right Time1016 km
58Runkhera13:4213:43Right Time1027 km
59Bangrod13:5113:52Right Time1034 km
60Ratlam Jn14:1514:25Right Time1047 km
61Raoti14:4914:50Right Time1076 km
62Bhairongarh15:0215:03Right Time1088 km
63Bamnia15:1015:12Right Time1094 km
64Amargarh15:1915:20Right Time1098 km
65Panch Piplia15:3215:33Right Time1107 km
66Thandla Road15:4415:46Right Time1121 km
67Meghnagar15:5816:00Right Time1129 km
68Anas16:1416:15Right Time1144 km
69Bordi16:2216:23Right Time1152 km
70Dahod16:3816:40Right Time1162 km
71Limkheda17:1317:14Right Time1196 km
72Piplod Jn17:2117:23Right Time1204 km
73Sant Road17:3317:35Right Time1216 km
74Godhra Jn18:1518:20Right Time1237 km
75Kharsaliya18:3118:32Right Time1247 km
76Derol18:4218:43Right Time1260 km
77Champaner Road Jn18:5518:56Right Time1273 km
78Samlaya Jn19:0619:07Right Time1284 km
79Vadodara Jn19:5720:07Right Time1311 km
80Miyagam Karjan Jn20:2820:29Right Time1340 km
81Bharuch Jn21:0921:11Right Time1381 km
82Ankleshwar Jn21:2021:22Right Time1390 km
83Kosamba Jn21:3621:38Right Time1408 km
84Surat22:1722:25Right Time1439 km
85Navsari22:5022:52Right Time1469 km
86Bilimora Jn23:1123:13Right Time1490 km
87Valsad23:4323:45Right Time1508 km
88Vapi00:2600:28Right Time1532 km
89Palghar02:0002:02Right Time1615 km
90Virar02:5803:00Right Time1646 km
91Borivali03:3003:32Right Time1672 km
92Bandra Terminus04:20Right Time1691 km