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19024 FZR MMCT JANTA Running status

Departure05:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Sep 2018 2:15
1Firozpur Cantt Jn05:00Right TimeYet to start
2Faridkot05:2505:27Right Time32 km
3Kot Kapura Jn05:4305:45Right Time45 km
4Gangsar Jaitu05:5806:00Right Time61 km
5Goneana Bhai Jagta06:1606:18Right Time75 km
6Bhatinda Jn06:4707:12Right Time87 km
7Maur07:3707:39Right Time121 km
8Kotli Kalan H07:4607:48Right Time128 km
9Mansa07:5808:00Right Time140 km
10Budhlada08:1408:16Right Time156 km
11Bareta08:2908:31Right Time171 km
12Jakhal Jn08:4508:47Right Time185 km
13Tohana08:5809:00Right Time198 km
14Narwana Jn09:2109:23Right Time224 km
15Uchana09:3709:39Right Time239 km
16Jind Jn10:0010:05Right Time257 km
17Julana10:2510:27Right Time283 km
18Rohtak Jn10:5711:02Right Time314 km
19Ismaila Haryana11:1611:18Right Time333 km
20Sampla11:2311:25Right Time337 km
21Bahadurgarh11:3911:41Right Time355 km
22Nangloi11:5211:54Right Time367 km
23Mangolpuri11:5912:01Right Time370 km
24Shakurbasti12:2112:23Right Time374 km
25Delhi Kishanganj12:3612:38Right Time381 km
26New Delhi13:0513:30Right Time386 km
27Hazrat Nizamuddin13:4513:47Right Time393 km
28Okhla13:5313:55Right Time396 km
29Tugalakabad14:0214:04Right Time403 km
30Faridabad14:1614:18Right Time414 km
31Ballabgarh14:2714:29Right Time422 km
32Palwal15:1815:20Right Time443 km
33Kosi Kalan15:5015:52Right Time485 km
34Chata16:0316:05Right Time495 km
35Mathura Jn16:5517:00Right Time526 km
36Bharatpur Jn17:2517:30Right Time560 km
37Bayana Jn18:0018:05Right Time602 km
38Fateh Singhpura18:2318:25Right Time621 km
39Hindaun City18:3018:40Right Time634 km
40Shri Mahabirji18:4818:50Right Time645 km
41Gangapur City19:3519:40Right Time679 km
42Narayanpur Tatwara19:5619:57Right Time696 km
43Malarna20:1320:15Right Time712 km
44Sawai Madhopur21:1121:13Right Time742 km
45Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi21:3821:40Right Time779 km
46Lakheri21:5021:52Right Time790 km
47Kota Jn23:1523:20Right Time850 km
48Ramganj Mandi00:2300:25Right Time922 km
49Jhalawar Road00:3800:40Right Time934 km
50Bhawani Mandi01:0801:10Right Time951 km
51Shamgarh01:3501:40Right Time984 km
52Suwasra01:5802:00Right Time997 km
53Chaumahla02:2302:25Right Time1013 km
54Vikramgarh Alot02:2803:00Right Time1035 km
55Mahidpur Road03:4403:45Right Time1058 km
56Nagda Jn04:3004:35Right Time1075 km
57Khachrod04:4604:48Right Time1089 km
58Ratlam Jn05:3005:40Right Time1120 km
59Bamnia06:1806:19Right Time1166 km
60Thandla Road06:4306:44Right Time1194 km
61Meghnagar06:5106:53Right Time1202 km
62Dahod07:2007:22Right Time1235 km
63Limkheda07:5607:57Right Time1269 km
64Piplod Jn08:0508:06Right Time1277 km
65Sant Road08:1608:17Right Time1289 km
66Godhra Jn09:1509:20Right Time1309 km
67Derol09:3809:39Right Time1332 km
68Samlaya Jn09:5709:58Right Time1356 km
69Vadodara Jn10:3010:40Right Time1383 km
70Miyagam Karjan Jn11:0311:04Right Time1413 km
71Palej11:1611:17Right Time1428 km
72Nabipur11:2811:29Right Time1441 km
73Bharuch Jn11:4311:45Right Time1453 km
74Ankleshwar Jn11:5611:57Right Time1462 km
75Panoli12:0712:08Right Time1473 km
76Kosamba Jn12:2512:26Right Time1481 km
77Kim12:3612:37Right Time1489 km
78Surat13:3013:35Right Time1512 km
79Maroli13:5313:55Right Time1533 km
80Navsari14:0314:08Right Time1541 km
81Amalsad14:2514:27Right Time1557 km
82Bilimora Jn14:2914:38Right Time1562 km
83Valsad15:0515:10Right Time1580 km
84Pardi15:2415:26Right Time1591 km
85Udvada15:3315:35Right Time1597 km
86Vapi15:3615:48Right Time1604 km
87Bhilad16:0816:10Right Time1618 km
88Sanjan16:2016:22Right Time1629 km
89Umargam Road16:2816:30Right Time1635 km
90Dahanu Road16:4316:53Right Time1655 km
91Vangaon17:1217:13Right Time1667 km
92Boisar17:2117:23Right Time1676 km
93Palghar17:3417:36Right Time1688 km
94Virar18:0918:11Right Time1719 km
95Borivali18:3918:43Right Time1745 km
96Dadar Wr19:1119:15Right Time1768 km
97Mumbai Central19:40Right Time1774 km