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19037 AVADH EXPRESS Running status

Departure22:40 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated19 Sep 2018 2:15
1Bandra Terminus22:40Right TimeYet to start
2Andheri22:5622:58Right Time7 km
3Borivali23:1623:18Right Time19 km
4Boisar00:1900:21Right Time88 km
5Vapi01:3101:33Right Time159 km
6Valsad01:5802:00Right Time183 km
7Surat03:0303:08Right Time251 km
8Ankleshwar Jn03:5303:55Right Time301 km
9Vadodara Jn05:0205:12Right Time380 km
10Derol05:5705:59Right Time430 km
11Godhra Jn06:5206:55Right Time453 km
12Dahod07:5207:54Right Time528 km
13Meghnagar08:1708:19Right Time561 km
14Bamnia08:4808:50Right Time596 km
15Ratlam Jn09:4509:55Right Time642 km
16Khachrod10:1810:20Right Time673 km
17Nagda Jn10:5010:55Right Time687 km
18Mahidpur Road11:0811:10Right Time704 km
19Vikramgarh Alot11:2811:30Right Time727 km
20Chaumahla11:4811:50Right Time750 km
21Suwasra12:0412:06Right Time765 km
22Shamgarh12:1812:20Right Time779 km
23Garot12:3012:32Right Time789 km
24Bhawani Mandi12:4812:50Right Time812 km
25Jhalawar Road13:0313:05Right Time828 km
26Ramganj Mandi13:1313:15Right Time840 km
27Morak13:2513:27Right Time850 km
28Dakaniya Talav14:0514:07Right Time903 km
29Kota Jn14:3014:40Right Time912 km
30Lakheri15:2215:24Right Time973 km
31Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi15:3515:37Right Time983 km
32Sawai Madhopur16:0516:10Right Time1020 km
33Gangapur City17:2517:30Right Time1084 km
34Shri Mahabirji17:5818:00Right Time1118 km
35Hindaun City18:1218:14Right Time1128 km
36Bayana Jn19:2019:25Right Time1161 km
37Rupbas19:5619:58Right Time1195 km
38Fatehpur Sikri20:1220:14Right Time1209 km
39Kiraoli20:2720:29Right Time1221 km
40Idgah21:2821:30Right Time1243 km
41Agra Fort21:5022:00Right Time1245 km
42Tundla Jn23:2523:30Right Time1268 km
43Firozabad00:1000:15Right Time1284 km
44Shikohabad Jn00:3500:40Right Time1304 km
45Etawah01:1601:21Right Time1360 km
46Bharthana01:4001:42Right Time1379 km
47Phaphund02:1502:17Right Time1416 km
48Bhaupur03:1703:31Right Time1476 km
49Kanpur Central04:3504:45Right Time1499 km
50Unnao Jn05:0705:09Right Time1516 km
51Lucknow Ne06:2506:45Right Time1572 km
52Lucknow City07:1607:18Right Time1577 km
53Badshahnagar07:3007:32Right Time1584 km
54Gomtinagar F07:4307:44Right Time1588 km
55Barabanki Jn08:1008:12Right Time1608 km
56Burhwal Jn08:3508:37Right Time1636 km
57Jarwal Road08:5108:53Right Time1651 km
58Colonelganj09:1509:17Right Time1668 km
59Gonda Jn09:5510:00Right Time1697 km
60Mankapur Jn10:2510:27Right Time1725 km
61Maskanwa10:4110:43Right Time1740 km
62Swami Narayan Chhapia10:5210:54Right Time1744 km
63Babhnan11:0811:10Right Time1756 km
64Gaur11:2011:22Right Time1763 km
65Basti11:4211:45Right Time1786 km
66Khalilabad12:1212:14Right Time1816 km
67Maghar12:2412:26Right Time1824 km
68Sahjanwa12:3612:38Right Time1833 km
69Gorakhpur13:45Right Time1851 km