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19038 AVADH EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected13:20 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Gorakhpur13:20Right TimeYet to start
2Sahjanwa13:4813:50Right Time17 km
3Maghar14:0014:02Right Time26 km
4Khalilabad14:1214:14Right Time34 km
5Basti14:4014:43Right Time64 km
6Gaur15:0315:05Right Time87 km
7Babhnan15:1515:17Right Time94 km
8Swami Narayan Chhapia15:2815:30Right Time106 km
9Maskanwa15:3615:38Right Time111 km
10Mankapur Jn15:5215:54Right Time125 km
11Gonda Jn16:2016:35Right Time153 km
12Colonelganj16:5817:00Right Time182 km
13Jarwal Road17:1917:21Right Time199 km
14Burhwal Jn17:3917:41Right Time214 km
15Barabanki Jn18:1818:23Right Time242 km
16Gomtinagar F19:0219:04Right Time262 km
17Badshahnagar19:1819:20Right Time266 km
18Lucknow City19:4119:43Right Time273 km
19Lucknow Ne20:1520:55Right Time278 km
20Unnao Jn21:4821:50Right Time334 km
21Kanpur Central22:3022:37Right Time352 km
22Phaphund23:4023:42Right Time434 km
23Bharthana00:2200:24Right Time471 km
24Etawah00:4600:48Right Time491 km
25Shikohabad Jn01:2701:29Right Time546 km
26Firozabad02:0102:03Right Time566 km
27Tundla Jn03:0003:05Right Time582 km
28Agra Fort04:0004:10Right Time605 km
29Idgah04:2204:24Right Time607 km
30Kiraoli04:5304:55Right Time629 km
31Fatehpur Sikri05:1605:18Right Time641 km
32Rupbas05:3205:34Right Time655 km
33Bayana Jn07:0007:05Right Time689 km
34Hindaun City07:2607:28Right Time722 km
35Shri Mahabirji07:3707:39Right Time732 km
36Gangapur City08:0508:10Right Time767 km
37Sawai Madhopur09:0009:05Right Time830 km
38Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi09:3009:32Right Time867 km
39Lakheri09:4309:45Right Time877 km
40Kota Jn10:4010:50Right Time938 km
41Dakaniya Talav11:0511:07Right Time947 km
42Morak11:4811:50Right Time1000 km
43Ramganj Mandi12:0012:02Right Time1010 km
44Jhalawar Road12:1412:16Right Time1022 km
45Bhawani Mandi12:3012:32Right Time1038 km
46Garot12:5012:52Right Time1061 km
47Shamgarh13:0013:05Right Time1072 km
48Suwasra13:2013:22Right Time1085 km
49Chaumahla13:3813:40Right Time1101 km
50Vikramgarh Alot14:2314:25Right Time1123 km
51Mahidpur Road14:5314:55Right Time1146 km
52Nagda Jn15:4515:47Right Time1163 km
53Khachrod15:5816:00Right Time1177 km
54Ratlam Jn16:3516:45Right Time1208 km
55Bamnia17:2117:23Right Time1254 km
56Meghnagar17:5317:55Right Time1290 km
57Dahod18:1918:21Right Time1323 km
58Godhra Jn19:4019:42Right Time1397 km
59Derol20:0020:01Right Time1420 km
60Vadodara Jn20:4720:57Right Time1471 km
61Ankleshwar Jn22:0422:05Right Time1550 km
62Surat23:2023:25Right Time1600 km
63Valsad00:3500:37Right Time1668 km
64Vapi00:5700:59Right Time1692 km
65Boisar02:0802:10Right Time1764 km
66Borivali03:3503:40Right Time1832 km
67Andheri04:0204:04Right Time1845 km
68Bandra Terminus04:35Right Time1851 km