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19040 AVADH EXPRESS Running status

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Muzaffarpur Jn-MFP
EExpected12:00 27 May 2018
PDelayLate 6h 0m
Last Update27 May 2018 6:12
Yet to start
1Muzaffarpur Jn06:00
Late 6h 0mYet to start
2Motipur12:2312:25Late 6h 0m26 km
3Mehsi12:3612:38Late 6h 0m39 km
4Chakia12:4712:49Late 6h 0m47 km
5Bapudm Motihari13:1613:21Late 5h 53m79 km
6Sagauli Jn13:4613:48Late 5h 43m100 km
7Bettiah14:0614:11Late 5h 43m122 km
8Narkatiaganj Jn14:4014:45Late 5h 40m159 km
9Harinagar14:5915:01Late 5h 40m174 km
10Bagaha15:2715:32Late 5h 40m200 km
11Paniya Hawa16:0616:08Late 5h 18m223 km
12Khada16:1716:19Late 5h 18m229 km
13Siswa Bazar16:3316:35Late 5h 18m244 km
14Kaptanganj Jn16:5917:04Late 5h 18m270 km
15Pipraich17:1917:21Late 5h 2m289 km
16Gorakhpur18:0218:17Late 4h 57m309 km
17Sahjanwa18:4518:47Late 4h 57m326 km
18Maghar18:5718:59Late 4h 57m335 km
19Khalilabad19:0919:11Late 4h 57m343 km
20Basti19:3719:40Late 4h 57m373 km
21Babhnan20:0320:05Late 4h 50m404 km
22Swami Narayan Chhapia20:1820:20Late 4h 50m415 km
23Maskanwa20:2520:27Late 4h 47m420 km
24Mankapur Jn20:4120:43Late 4h 47m434 km
25Gonda Jn21:0721:22Late 4h 47m463 km
26Colonelganj21:4521:47Late 4h 47m491 km
27Jarwal Road22:0822:10Late 4h 47m508 km
28Burhwal Jn22:2822:30Late 4h 47m523 km
29Barabanki Jn22:5422:59Late 4h 36m551 km
30Gomtinagar F23:2423:26Late 4h 20m571 km
31Badshahnagar23:2723:29Late 4h 9m575 km
32Lucknow City23:4823:50Late 4h 7m582 km
33Lucknow Ne00:2000:55Late 4h 0m587 km
34Unnao Jn01:4201:43Late 3h 53m643 km
35Kanpur Central02:1002:17Late 3h 40m661 km
36Phaphund03:1503:17Late 3h 35m744 km
37Bharthana03:5703:59Late 3h 35m780 km
38Etawah04:2104:23Late 3h 35m800 km
39Shikohabad Jn05:0205:04Late 3h 35m855 km
40Firozabad05:3605:38Late 3h 35m875 km
41Tundla Jn06:0706:12Late 3h 12m892 km
42Agra Fort06:5507:05Late 2h 55m914 km
43Idgah07:1707:19Late 2h 55m916 km
44Kiraoli07:4107:43Late 2h 48m938 km
45Fatehpur Sikri08:0408:06Late 2h 48m950 km
46Rupbas08:2008:22Late 2h 48m965 km
47Bayana Jn08:5308:58Late 1h 53m999 km
48Hindaun City09:1909:21Late 1h 53m1032 km
49Shri Mahabirji09:3009:32Late 1h 53m1042 km
50Gangapur City09:5309:58Late 1h 48m1076 km
51Sawai Madhopur10:4810:53Late 1h 48m1139 km
52Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi11:1811:20Late 1h 48m1176 km
53Lakheri11:3111:33Late 1h 48m1187 km
54Kota Jn12:2012:25Late 1h 35m1247 km
55Dakaniya Talav12:4012:42Late 1h 35m1257 km
56Morak13:2013:22Late 1h 32m1309 km
57Ramganj Mandi13:3113:33Late 1h 31m1320 km
58Jhalawar Road13:4513:47Late 1h 31m1331 km
59Bhawani Mandi14:0114:03Late 1h 31m1348 km
60Garot14:1614:18Late 1h 26m1370 km
61Shamgarh14:2614:31Late 1h 26m1381 km
62Suwasra14:4014:42Late 1h 20m1394 km
63Chaumahla14:5314:55Late 1h 15m1410 km
64Vikramgarh Alot15:3015:32Late 1h 7m1432 km
65Mahidpur Road15:4915:51Late 56m1455 km
66Nagda Jn16:3116:33Late 46m1472 km
67Khachrod16:4416:46Late 46m1486 km
68Ratlam Jn17:1217:22Late 37m1517 km
69Bamnia17:5818:00Late 37m1564 km
70Meghnagar18:2918:31Late 36m1599 km
71Dahod18:5518:57Late 36m1632 km
72Godhra Jn19:5619:58Late 16m1706 km
73Derol20:1620:17Late 16m1729 km
74Vadodara Jn20:5621:06Late 9m1780 km
75Ankleshwar Jn22:0422:05Right Time1859 km
76Surat23:2023:25Right Time1909 km
77Valsad00:3500:37Right Time1977 km
78Vapi00:5700:59Right Time2002 km
79Boisar02:0802:10Right Time2073 km
80Borivali03:3503:40Right Time2142 km
81Andheri04:0204:04Right Time2154 km
82Bandra Terminus04:35Right Time2160 km