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19045 TAPTI GANGA EXP Running status

Departure09:50 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Nov 2018 10:15
1Surat09:50Right TimeYet to start
2Udhna Jn09:5709:59Right Time4 km
3Vyara10:4610:47Right Time61 km
4Navapur11:2511:27Right Time103 km
5Nandurbar12:2012:25Right Time160 km
6Dondaicha13:0613:08Right Time195 km
7Amalner14:0714:10Right Time256 km
8Jalgaon Jn15:1015:15Right Time311 km
9Bhusaval Jn15:5015:55Right Time335 km
10Raver16:2416:25Right Time369 km
11Burhanpur16:3816:40Right Time390 km
12Khandwa17:4517:50Right Time459 km
13Harda18:5819:00Right Time566 km
14Itarsi Jn20:3020:40Right Time642 km
15Pipariya21:4021:43Right Time709 km
16Jabalpur00:0500:15Right Time887 km
17Katni01:4001:45Right Time978 km
18Satna03:0003:10Right Time1076 km
19Manikpur Jn05:0005:05Right Time1153 km
20Shankargarh05:5005:52Right Time1209 km
21Allahabd Chheoki06:3506:40Right Time1252 km
22Vindhyachal07:3307:35Right Time1321 km
23Mirzapur07:5007:55Right Time1328 km
24Chunar Jn08:3008:32Right Time1359 km
25Kashi10:2110:22Right Time1397 km
26Varanasi Jn10:4010:50Right Time1402 km
27Jaunpur Jn11:4911:51Right Time1460 km
28Shahganj Jn12:5513:10Right Time1493 km
29Azamgarh14:0514:10Right Time1550 km
30Muhammadabad14:3114:33Right Time1571 km
31Mau Jn15:0515:10Right Time1593 km
32Rasra15:4515:47Right Time1629 km
33Ballia16:3516:40Right Time1662 km
34Suraimanpur17:1217:14Right Time1698 km
35Chhapra18:35Right Time1727 km