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19120 SMNH ADI EXPRES Running status

Departure06:25 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Somnath06:25Right TimeYet to start
2Veraval06:3506:45Right Time5 km
3Chorwad Road07:0507:06Right Time23 km
4Maliya Hatina07:2107:22Right Time35 km
5Keshod07:3907:40Right Time51 km
6Junagadh Jn08:1208:14Right Time87 km
7Jetalsar Jn08:4308:55Right Time113 km
8Navagadh09:0109:02Right Time118 km
9Virpur09:1409:15Right Time132 km
10Gondal09:3109:32Right Time148 km
11Bhaktinagar10:3710:38Right Time184 km
12Rajkot Jn10:5210:57Right Time190 km
13Wankaner Jn11:4911:51Right Time231 km
14Than Jn12:2512:27Right Time258 km
15Surendranagar13:2313:25Right Time306 km
16Viramgam Jn14:3014:32Right Time370 km
17Chandlodiya15:1115:13Right Time425 km
18Sabarmati Jn15:2115:23Right Time430 km
19Ahmedabad Jn15:55Right Time436 km