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19165 SABARMATI EXP Running status

Departure20:50 Right Time
Platform 4
Yet to start
Updated15 Aug 2018 2:15
1Ahmedabad Jn20:50Right TimeYet to start
2Maninagar20:5821:00Right Time3 km
3Mahemadavad Kheda Road21:2421:26Right Time28 km
4Nadiad Jn21:4021:42Right Time46 km
5Anand Jn22:0022:02Right Time64 km
6Vadodara Jn22:4823:03Right Time100 km
7Godhra Jn00:3100:33Right Time172 km
8Dahod01:3201:34Right Time247 km
9Meghnagar01:5701:59Right Time280 km
10Ratlam Jn03:2003:40Right Time362 km
11Khachrod04:0204:04Right Time393 km
12Nagda Jn04:3304:35Right Time406 km
13Ujjain Jn05:3505:45Right Time461 km
14Tarana Road06:1106:12Right Time493 km
15Maksi06:5306:55Right Time502 km
16Shajapur07:1707:19Right Time530 km
17Sarangpur07:5107:53Right Time558 km
18Pachora Road08:2308:25Right Time589 km
19Biyavra Rajgarh08:5308:55Right Time619 km
20Chachaura Binaganj09:3609:38Right Time649 km
21Kumbhraj09:5709:59Right Time672 km
22Vijaypur10:1510:17Right Time690 km
23Ruthiyai10:2310:28Right Time696 km
24Guna11:1011:20Right Time716 km
25Ashok Nagar11:5511:57Right Time761 km
26Pipraigaon12:1812:20Right Time787 km
27Mungaoli12:3812:40Right Time806 km
28Bina Jn14:3014:40Right Time835 km
29Dhaura15:0815:10Right Time869 km
30Jakhlaun15:2315:25Right Time881 km
31Lalitpur15:4815:50Right Time897 km
32Talbahat16:2116:23Right Time937 km
33Babina16:4416:46Right Time962 km
34Jhansi Jn17:2517:40Right Time986 km
35Chirgaon18:1218:14Right Time1018 km
36Moth18:3318:35Right Time1041 km
37Ait Jn19:0619:08Right Time1075 km
38Orai19:2519:30Right Time1100 km
39Kalpi19:5319:55Right Time1133 km
40Pokhrayan20:1320:15Right Time1147 km
41Bhimsen22:2822:30Right Time1192 km
42Kanpur Central23:1023:20Right Time1205 km
43Unnao Jn23:4223:44Right Time1223 km
44Lucknow00:5001:05Right Time1279 km
45Barabanki Jn01:4801:50Right Time1307 km
46Daryabad02:2202:24Right Time1346 km
47Rudauli02:5502:57Right Time1369 km
48Sohwal03:2903:30Right Time1391 km
49Faizabad Jn04:0004:10Right Time1406 km
50Ayodhya04:2804:30Right Time1414 km
51Goshainganj04:5804:59Right Time1445 km
52Akbarpur Jn05:2105:23Right Time1468 km
53Malipur05:4805:50Right Time1487 km
54Shahganj Jn06:4007:10Right Time1512 km
55Khorason Road07:3107:33Right Time1533 km
56Saraimir07:4407:46Right Time1543 km
57Azamgarh08:2008:25Right Time1568 km
58Muhammadabad09:0809:10Right Time1590 km
59Mau Jn09:5510:10Right Time1611 km
60Indara Jn10:2310:25Right Time1619 km
61Rasra10:5010:52Right Time1648 km
62Ballia11:5111:58Right Time1680 km
63Suraimanpur12:2912:31Right Time1717 km
64Chhapra13:2013:35Right Time1745 km
65Sonpur Jn14:3014:32Right Time1799 km
66Hajipur Jn14:4214:47Right Time1805 km
67Muzaffarpur Jn16:0016:05Right Time1858 km
68Samastipur Jn17:3017:58Right Time1910 km
69Laheria Sarai18:2918:31Right Time1943 km
70Darbhanga Jn19:15Right Time1948 km