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19217 SAU JANATA EXP Running status

Arrival22:15 Right Time
Departure22:17 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated20 Oct 2018 2:15
1Bandra Terminus17:10Right TimeYet to start
2Borivali17:4217:47Right Time19 km
3Palghar18:4118:43Right Time76 km
4Dahanu Road19:2519:27Right Time108 km
5Vapi19:5820:00Right Time159 km
6Valsad20:2220:27Right Time183 km
7Bilimora Jn20:4520:47Right Time201 km
8Navsari21:0321:05Right Time222 km
9Surat21:3721:42Right Time251 km
10Kosamba Jn22:1522:17Right Time283 km
11Ankleshwar Jn22:4322:45Right Time301 km
12Bharuch Jn22:5823:00Right Time310 km
13Vadodara Jn23:5800:03Right Time380 km
14Anand Jn00:3700:39Right Time416 km
15Nadiad Jn00:5400:56Right Time435 km
16Mahemadavad Kheda Road01:1001:12Right Time452 km
17Maninagar01:4001:42Right Time477 km
18Ahmedabad Jn02:0002:20Right Time480 km
19Sanand02:5002:52Right Time509 km
20Viramgam Jn03:3003:32Right Time546 km
21Lakhtar04:1204:13Right Time589 km
22Surendranagar04:3304:35Right Time610 km
23Muli Road04:5504:56Right Time632 km
24Than Jn05:1405:16Right Time658 km
25Daladi05:3105:32Right Time672 km
26Wankaner Jn05:4405:46Right Time685 km
27Rajkot Jn06:4506:55Right Time726 km
28Padadhari07:1607:17Right Time751 km
29Hapa08:0308:05Right Time802 km
30Jamnagar08:50Right Time811 km