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19223 ADI JAT EXPRESS Running status

Departure11:20 Right Time
Platform 7
Yet to start
Updated21 Jul 2018 2:15
1Ahmedabad Jn11:20Right TimeYet to start
2Sabarmati Bg11:3511:37Right Time6 km
3Mahesana Jn12:3612:38Right Time68 km
4Unjha12:5913:01Right Time90 km
5Siddhapur13:1613:18Right Time104 km
6Palanpur Jn14:2314:28Right Time134 km
7Abu Road15:2015:30Right Time186 km
8Falna16:5216:54Right Time285 km
9Marwar Jn18:1018:12Right Time351 km
10Pali Marwar18:3718:42Right Time382 km
11Luni Jn19:1219:14Right Time423 km
12Jodhpur Jn19:5020:05Right Time455 km
13Pipar Road Jn20:4120:43Right Time502 km
14Gotan21:0921:11Right Time539 km
15Merta Road Jn21:3321:38Right Time559 km
16Marwar Mundwa22:0922:11Right Time598 km
17Nagaur22:3022:35Right Time616 km
18Nokha23:1323:15Right Time667 km
19Deshnoke00:0100:03Right Time699 km
20Bikaner Jn01:3501:45Right Time732 km
21Lalgarh Jn01:5501:57Right Time735 km
22Lunkaransar02:5302:55Right Time811 km
23Suratgarh Jn04:1504:30Right Time913 km
24Pili Bangan04:5304:55Right Time938 km
25Hanumangarh Jn05:2005:30Right Time963 km
26Sangariya05:5305:54Right Time990 km
27Mandi Dabwali06:3806:40Right Time1020 km
28Bhatinda Jn07:5008:05Right Time1056 km
29Gangsar Jaitu08:3308:35Right Time1082 km
30Kot Kapura Jn08:5508:57Right Time1098 km
31Faridkot09:0809:10Right Time1111 km
32Firozpur Cantt Jn09:5510:20Right Time1143 km
33Mallanwala Khas10:4110:43Right Time1167 km
34Makhu11:0311:05Right Time1184 km
35Lohian Khas Jn11:3311:35Right Time1209 km
36Sultanpur Lodi11:4011:42Right Time1215 km
37Rail Coach Factory Halt12:0412:05Right Time1234 km
38Kapurthala12:1112:13Right Time1240 km
39Jalandhar City12:4512:55Right Time1260 km
40Bhogpur Sirwal13:2013:22Right Time1289 km
41Tanda Urmar13:3413:36Right Time1302 km
42Dasua13:4913:51Right Time1317 km
43Mukerian14:0714:09Right Time1333 km
44Pathankot Cantt14:4414:46Right Time1372 km
45Pathankot Jn15:1016:30Right Time1376 km
46Bharoli16:3516:37Right Time1379 km
47Sujanpur16:4416:46Right Time1384 km
48Madhopur Punjab16:5316:55Right Time1391 km
49Kathua17:0617:08Right Time1400 km
50Budhi17:2117:22Right Time1412 km
51Chhan Arorian17:3117:33Right Time1420 km
52Chakdayala17:3917:40Right Time1425 km
53Hira Nagar17:4417:46Right Time1428 km
54Ghagwal17:5517:57Right Time1434 km
55Samba18:0818:10Right Time1443 km
56Vijaypur Jammu18:2618:28Right Time1455 km
57Bari Brahman18:4118:43Right Time1467 km
58Jammu Tawi20:05Right Time1476 km