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19224 JAT ADI EXPRESS Running status

Arrival09:39 Right Time
Departure09:41 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Dec 2018 10:15
1Jammu Tawi07:50Right TimeYet to start
2Bari Brahman08:0108:03Right Time8 km
3Vijaypur Jammu08:1408:16Right Time21 km
4Samba08:2908:31Right Time32 km
5Ghagwal08:4008:42Right Time42 km
6Hira Nagar08:4808:50Right Time47 km
7Chakdayala08:5608:57Right Time51 km
8Chhan Arorian09:0209:04Right Time56 km
9Budhi09:1309:14Right Time64 km
10Kathua09:2509:27Right Time76 km
11Madhopur Punjab09:3909:41Right Time84 km
12Sujanpur09:4909:51Right Time91 km
13Bharoli09:5910:01Right Time97 km
14Pathankot Jn10:2510:55Right Time100 km
15Pathankot Cantt11:0211:04Right Time103 km
16Mirthal11:2211:23Right Time123 km
17Mukerian11:4011:42Right Time143 km
18Dasua11:5812:00Right Time158 km
19Tanda Urmar12:1312:15Right Time174 km
20Bhogpur Sirwal12:2812:29Right Time187 km
21Jalandhar City13:2013:25Right Time215 km
22Kapurthala13:4813:50Right Time236 km
23Rail Coach Factory Halt13:5914:00Right Time242 km
24Sultanpur Lodi14:1814:20Right Time261 km
25Lohian Khas Jn14:3014:32Right Time267 km
26Makhu14:5414:56Right Time291 km
27Mallanwala Khas15:1215:14Right Time309 km
28Firozpur Cantt Jn16:0016:25Right Time333 km
29Faridkot16:5016:52Right Time365 km
30Kot Kapura Jn17:0717:09Right Time378 km
31Gangsar Jaitu17:2617:27Right Time394 km
32Bhatinda Jn18:2518:40Right Time420 km
33Mandi Dabwali19:1319:15Right Time456 km
34Sangariya19:4319:45Right Time486 km
35Hanumangarh Jn20:1520:20Right Time512 km
36Pili Bangan20:4120:43Right Time538 km
37Suratgarh Jn21:2021:25Right Time562 km
38Lunkaransar22:4622:48Right Time664 km
39Lalgarh Jn23:4823:50Right Time740 km
40Bikaner Jn00:3500:45Right Time744 km
41Deshnoke01:0901:11Right Time776 km
42Nokha01:3601:38Right Time808 km
43Nagaur02:1902:24Right Time859 km
44Marwar Mundwa02:3702:39Right Time877 km
45Merta Road Jn03:3303:38Right Time917 km
46Gotan03:5303:55Right Time937 km
47Pipar Road Jn04:2304:25Right Time974 km
48Raika Bagh05:0905:11Right Time1019 km
49Jodhpur Jn05:3505:55Right Time1021 km
50Luni Jn06:2306:26Right Time1053 km
51Pali Marwar07:0907:14Right Time1094 km
52Marwar Jn08:0708:10Right Time1124 km
53Falna08:5608:58Right Time1191 km
54Abu Road10:4010:50Right Time1289 km
55Palanpur Jn12:1512:17Right Time1342 km
56Siddhapur12:3812:40Right Time1372 km
57Unjha12:5612:58Right Time1385 km
58Mahesana Jn13:2913:31Right Time1407 km
59Sabarmati Bg14:2014:22Right Time1484 km
60Ahmedabad Jn15:00Right Time1491 km