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19224 JAT ADI EXPRESS Running status

Arrival14:18 Right Time
Departure14:20 Right Time
Departed from Jalandhar City at 14:32, 46 kms. to arrive Sultanpur Lodi
Running Late 1 hr, 7 mins
Train is diverted between Jalandhar City and Firozpur Cantt Jn
Updated18 Oct 2018 14:34
1Jammu Tawi07:50Right TimeDeparted
2Bari Brahman08:2208:24Late 21mDeparted
3Vijaypur Jammu08:3708:39Late 23mDeparted
4Samba08:5408:56Late 25mDeparted
5Ghagwal09:0709:09Late 27mDeparted
6Hira Nagar09:1809:20Late 30mDeparted
7Chakdayala09:2409:25Late 28m
8Chhan Arorian09:3309:35Late 31mDeparted
9Budhi09:4609:48Late 34mDeparted
10Kathua10:0210:04Late 37mDeparted
11Madhopur Punjab10:1710:19Late 38mDeparted
12Sujanpur10:3210:34Late 43mDeparted
13Bharoli10:4310:45Late 44mDeparted
14Pathankot Jn10:5511:12Late 17mDeparted
15Pathankot Cantt11:2411:26Late 22mDeparted
16Mirthal11:4511:47Late 24mDeparted
17Mukerian12:0312:05Late 23mDeparted
18Dasua12:1912:21Late 21mDeparted
19Tanda Urmar12:3412:36Late 21mDeparted
20Bhogpur Sirwal12:4712:49Late 20mDeparted
21Jalandhar City13:1214:32Late 1h 7mDeparted 10 min ago updated
22Ludhiana Jn15:2515:30Late 1h 7m-215 km away
23Ferozeshah16:4416:46Late 1h 7m-215 km away
24Kapurthala13:4813:50Right Time21 km away
25Rail Coach Factory Halt13:5914:00Right Time27 km away
26Sultanpur Lodi14:1814:20Right Time46 km away
Arrival in 0 hr 55 min
27Lohian Khas Jn14:3014:32Right Time
28Makhu14:5414:56Right Time
29Mallanwala Khas15:1215:14Right Time
30Firozpur Cantt Jn17:0717:32Late 1h 7m
31Faridkot17:5617:58Late 1h 6m
32Kot Kapura Jn18:0818:10Late 1h 1m
33Gangsar Jaitu18:2318:29Late 57m
34Bhatinda Jn19:0119:16Late 36m
35Mandi Dabwali19:4519:50Late 32m
36Sangariya20:1220:15Late 29m
37Hanumangarh Jn20:3420:39Late 19m
38Pili Bangan21:0721:09Late 26m
39Suratgarh Jn21:3021:35Late 10m
40Lunkaransar22:5322:55Late 7m
41Lalgarh Jn23:5023:52Late 2m
42Bikaner Jn00:0000:45Right Time
43Deshnoke01:1001:12Late 1m
44Nokha01:3701:39Late 1m
45Nagaur02:1902:24Right Time
46Marwar Mundwa02:3902:41Late 2m
47Merta Road Jn03:3303:38Right Time
48Gotan03:5403:56Late 1m
49Pipar Road Jn04:2204:25Right Time
50Raika Bagh04:5705:11Right Time
51Jodhpur Jn05:2205:55Right Time
52Luni Jn06:2006:37Late 11m
53Pali Marwar07:0907:14Right Time
54Marwar Jn08:0408:10Right Time
55Falna08:5508:58Right Time
56Abu Road10:3810:50Right Time
57Palanpur Jn12:0212:17Right Time
58Siddhapur12:4012:42Late 2m
59Unjha12:5713:04Late 1m
60Mahesana Jn13:3013:32Late 1m
61Sabarmati Bg14:1914:22Right Time
62Ahmedabad Jn14:43Right Time