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19251 SMNH OKHA EXP Running status

Departure22:35 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated19 Oct 2018 2:15
1Somnath22:35Right TimeYet to start
2Veraval22:4522:47Right Time5 km
3Maliya Hatina23:1823:19Right Time35 km
4Keshod23:3623:37Right Time51 km
5Junagadh Jn00:1000:12Right Time87 km
6Jetalsar Jn00:3900:44Right Time113 km
7Virpur01:0001:01Right Time132 km
8Gondal01:1701:18Right Time148 km
9Bhaktinagar02:3902:40Right Time184 km
10Rajkot Jn02:5803:18Right Time190 km
11Hapa04:2704:29Right Time266 km
12Jamnagar04:3804:43Right Time274 km
13Khambhaliya06:1706:19Right Time329 km
14Bhatiya06:5506:56Right Time371 km
15Dwarka07:2807:33Right Time413 km
16Mithapur07:5707:58Right Time432 km
17Okha08:25Right Time442 km