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19309 GNC INDORE EXP Running status

Departure18:20 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated15 Nov 2018 10:15
1Gandhinagar Capital18:20Right TimeYet to start
2Khodiyar18:3318:35Right Time13 km
3Chandlodiya18:4518:47Right Time22 km
4Sabarmati Jn18:5618:58Right Time28 km
5Ahmedabad Jn19:2019:40Right Time33 km
6Mahemadavad Kheda Road20:1420:16Right Time61 km
7Nadiad Jn20:3020:32Right Time79 km
8Anand Jn20:5020:52Right Time97 km
9Vadodara Jn21:3821:53Right Time133 km
10Derol22:3422:36Right Time183 km
11Godhra Jn23:1023:12Right Time206 km
12Dahod00:0900:11Right Time280 km
13Meghnagar00:3400:36Right Time313 km
14Ratlam Jn01:5502:00Right Time395 km
15Khachrod02:2202:24Right Time426 km
16Nagda Jn02:5803:00Right Time440 km
17Ujjain Jn04:1004:15Right Time495 km
18Dewas05:0205:04Right Time535 km
19Indore Jn Bg06:30Right Time577 km