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19666 UDZ KURJ EXP Running status

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Udaipur City-UDZ
EExpected22:20 23 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Udaipur City22:20Right TimeYet to start
2Ranapratapnagar22:2522:27Right Time4 km
3Mavli Jn23:0523:07Right Time42 km
4Chittaurgarh00:1500:35Right Time114 km
5Bhilwara01:2001:25Right Time168 km
6Ajmer Jn03:3503:40Right Time300 km
7Kishangarh04:0904:11Right Time328 km
8Phulera Jn04:5004:52Right Time379 km
9Jaipur05:4506:15Right Time434 km
10Gandhinagar Jaipur06:2306:25Right Time440 km
11Dausa07:0407:06Right Time495 km
12Bandikui Jn08:0008:02Right Time524 km
13Mandawar Mahwa Road08:2408:26Right Time557 km
14Kherli08:4208:44Right Time576 km
15Nadbai08:5909:01Right Time593 km
16Bharatpur Jn09:4409:46Right Time621 km
17Achhnera Jn10:0810:10Right Time649 km
18Agra Cantt11:0011:05Right Time675 km
19Dhaulpur12:0112:03Right Time728 km
20Morena12:3312:35Right Time755 km
21Gwalior Jn13:3513:40Right Time793 km
22Dabra14:1314:15Right Time836 km
23Datia14:4114:43Right Time866 km
24Jhansi Jn15:2015:30Right Time891 km
25Mau Ranipur16:3016:32Right Time954 km
26Harpalpur16:5516:57Right Time976 km
27Kulpahar17:2517:27Right Time1007 km
28Mahoba18:0018:05Right Time1028 km
29Khajuraho19:50Right Time1092 km