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19707 ARAVALI EXPRESS Running status

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Bandra Terminus-BDTS
EExpected20:55 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1Bandra Terminus20:55Right TimeYet to start
2Andheri21:0921:12Right Time6 km
3Borivali21:2821:32Right Time18 km
4Dahanu Road22:4522:47Right Time108 km
5Vapi23:2023:22Right Time158 km
6Navsari00:0900:11Right Time222 km
7Surat00:4700:52Right Time251 km
8Ankleshwar Jn01:2701:28Right Time301 km
9Bharuch Jn01:4001:42Right Time310 km
10Vadodara Jn02:3902:44Right Time380 km
11Anand Jn03:1603:18Right Time416 km
12Nadiad Jn03:3303:35Right Time434 km
13Ahmedabad Jn04:3004:50Right Time480 km
14Sabarmati Bg05:1205:14Right Time486 km
15Kalol05:3305:35Right Time506 km
16Mahesana Jn06:4206:44Right Time548 km
17Unjha07:1607:18Right Time570 km
18Siddhapur07:4707:49Right Time584 km
19Chhapi08:0108:03Right Time597 km
20Palanpur Jn08:3808:43Right Time613 km
21Abu Road09:3509:45Right Time666 km
22Swarupganj10:2010:22Right Time691 km
23Sirohi Road10:3810:40Right Time710 km
24Nana10:5210:54Right Time726 km
25Mori Bera11:0611:08Right Time739 km
26Jawai Bandh11:1811:20Right Time748 km
27Falna11:3611:38Right Time765 km
28Rani11:5111:53Right Time779 km
29Jawali12:0612:08Right Time795 km
30Somesar12:1612:18Right Time803 km
31Marwar Jn13:1313:18Right Time831 km
32Sojat Road13:3413:36Right Time852 km
33Beawar14:3614:40Right Time919 km
34Ajmer Jn16:2516:35Right Time971 km
35Kishangarh17:0417:06Right Time1000 km
36Naraina17:3417:36Right Time1041 km
37Phulera Jn17:5017:52Right Time1051 km
38Asalpur Jobner18:0718:08Right Time1069 km
39Jaipur18:55Right Time1106 km