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19707 AMRAPUR ARAVALI Running status

Arrival12:35 Right Time
Departure12:40 Right Time
Platform 1
Departed from Bharuch Jn at 01:45, 522 kms. to arrive Marwar Jn
Running Late 2 mins
Train is diverted between Vadodara Jn and Ajmer Jn
Updated21 Nov 2018 1:46
1Bandra Terminus20:55Right TimeDeparted
2Andheri21:1221:15Late 3mDeparted
3Borivali21:3221:36Late 4m
4Dahanu Road22:5422:56Late 9mDeparted
5Vapi23:2723:29Late 7mDeparted
6Navsari00:1500:17Late 6mDeparted
7Surat00:4700:52Right TimeDeparted
8Ankleshwar Jn01:3001:32Late 4mDeparted
9Bharuch Jn01:4101:45Late 2mDeparted 1 min ago updated
10Vadodara Jn02:4002:45Right Time70 km away
11Anand Jn03:1603:18Right Time106 km away
12Nadiad Jn03:3303:35Right Time125 km away
13Ahmedabad Jn04:3004:50Right Time170 km away
14Sabarmati Bg05:1405:16Right Time176 km away
15Kalol05:3505:37Right Time197 km away
16Mahesana Jn06:4206:44Right Time239 km away
17Unjha07:0407:06Right Time260 km away
18Siddhapur07:4807:50Right Time274 km away
19Chhapi08:0208:04Right Time287 km away
20Palanpur Jn08:3808:43Right Time304 km away
21Abu Road09:3009:40Right Time356 km away
22Swarupganj10:0310:05Right Time382 km away
23Pindwara10:1910:21Right Time400 km away
24Nana10:3510:37Right Time417 km away
25Mori Bera10:4910:51Right Time430 km away
26Jawai Bandh11:0111:03Right Time439 km away
27Falna11:1811:20Right Time455 km away
28Rani11:3211:34Right Time470 km away
29Jawali11:4611:48Right Time485 km away
30Somesar11:5611:58Right Time494 km away
31Marwar Jn12:3512:40Right Time522 km away
Arrival in 10 hr 52 min
Platform 1
32Sojat Road12:5813:00Right Time
33Beawar14:1614:18Right Time
34Ajmer Jn16:2516:35Right Time
35Kishangarh17:0117:03Right Time
36Naraina17:3417:36Right Time
37Phulera Jn17:5017:52Right Time
38Asalpur Jobner18:0618:07Late 1m
39Jaipur18:36Right Time