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19712 BPL JAIPUR EXP Running status

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Bhopal Jn-BPL
EExpected16:50 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bhopal Jn16:50Right TimeYet to start
2SHRN17:0417:06Right Time10 km
3Sehore17:2617:27Right Time38 km
4Kalapipal17:5317:54Right Time67 km
5Shujalpur18:0618:08Right Time80 km
6Akodia18:2118:22Right Time93 km
7Kali Sindh18:4018:41Right Time111 km
8Berchha18:5318:54Right Time123 km
9Maksi19:0919:10Right Time142 km
10Ujjain Jn20:0520:30Right Time183 km
11Nagda Jn21:2521:27Right Time238 km
12Khachrod21:3821:40Right Time252 km
13Ratlam Jn22:2022:40Right Time283 km
14Jaora23:2823:30Right Time316 km
15Mandsor00:0800:10Right Time367 km
16Piplia00:2800:29Right Time382 km
17Nimach01:1501:17Right Time416 km
18Nimbahera01:4801:50Right Time442 km
19Chittaurgarh02:4002:50Right Time471 km
20Chanderiya03:1503:22Right Time479 km
21Bhilwara04:1404:19Right Time525 km
22Bijainagar05:0605:08Right Time592 km
23Bandanwara05:2605:28Right Time614 km
24Nasirabad05:4605:48Right Time634 km
25Ajmer Jn06:4006:55Right Time657 km
26Madar Jn07:0807:09Right Time664 km
27Kishangarh07:2607:28Right Time686 km
28Tiloniya07:4207:43Right Time697 km
29Naraina08:0408:05Right Time727 km
30Phulera Jn08:1808:20Right Time737 km
31Hirnoda08:2808:29Right Time745 km
32Asalpur Jobner08:3808:39Right Time755 km
33Kanakpura09:0109:02Right Time783 km
34Jaipur09:25Right Time792 km