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19809 KOTA JBP EXPRESS Running status

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Kota Jn-KOTA
EExpected19:00 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Kota Jn19:00Right TimeYet to start
2Sogaria19:0119:02Right Time2 km
3Chandresal19:1319:14Right Time8 km
4Digod19:2219:23Right Time16 km
5Shri Kalyanpura19:3019:31Right Time24 km
6Bhonra19:3819:39Right Time29 km
7Antah19:5119:52Right Time44 km
8Bijora20:0120:02Right Time53 km
9Sundlak20:1020:11Right Time60 km
10Baran20:2120:22Right Time66 km
11Chajawa20:3420:35Right Time78 km
12Pipalda Road20:4520:46Right Time88 km
13Atru20:5620:57Right Time95 km
14Salpura21:1121:12Right Time109 km
15Kesholi21:2021:21Right Time117 km
16Chhabra Gugor21:3021:31Right Time125 km
17Bhulon21:4421:45Right Time136 km
18Motipura Chauki21:5521:56Right Time146 km
19Dharnaoda22:1422:15Right Time151 km
20Chaurakheri22:3022:32Right Time159 km
21Ruthiyai23:1523:20Right Time164 km
22Mahugarha23:3423:36Right Time177 km
23Guna23:4823:58Right Time184 km
24Pagara00:1100:13Right Time198 km
25Shadhoragaon00:2700:29Right Time213 km
26Ashok Nagar00:4300:45Right Time228 km
27Hinotia Pipalkhera00:5200:54Right Time237 km
28Orr01:0001:01Right Time241 km
29Pipraigaon01:1501:17Right Time255 km
30Guneru Bamori01:2601:28Right Time266 km
31Mungaoli01:3801:40Right Time274 km
32Kanjiya01:4901:50Right Time282 km
33Semerkhedi01:5701:59Right Time290 km
34Mahadeokhedi02:4002:42Right Time295 km
35Malkhedi (Bina)02:5602:58Right Time304 km
36Khurai03:1703:18Right Time322 km
37Sumreri03:2703:28Right Time331 km
38Jeruwa Khera03:4103:42Right Time340 km
39Isarwara03:5103:52Right Time349 km
40Nariaoli04:1904:20Right Time356 km
41Saugor04:4004:45Right Time375 km
42Makronia04:5404:55Right Time382 km
43Lidora Khurd05:0405:05Right Time389 km
44Girwar05:1105:12Right Time399 km
45Ganeshganj05:2505:28Right Time413 km
46Patharia05:3905:40Right Time426 km
47Aslana05:5405:55Right Time439 km
48Damoh06:1206:15Right Time452 km
49Bandakpur06:2706:28Right Time468 km
50Ghatera06:3706:38Right Time478 km
51Sagaoni06:5306:54Right Time494 km
52Salaia07:0507:06Right Time513 km
53Bakhleta07:1707:18Right Time525 km
54Rithi07:2907:30Right Time531 km
55Patohan07:3507:36Right Time537 km
56Hardua07:4407:45Right Time546 km
57Katni08:4509:00Right Time563 km
58Dundi09:2409:25Right Time600 km
59Sihora Road09:3409:36Right Time615 km
60Jabalpur10:45Right Time654 km