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22416 A P EXP Running status

Departure06:25 Right Time
Platform 11
Yet to start
Updated17 Dec 2018 10:15
1New Delhi06:25Right TimeYet to start
2Agra Cantt09:1009:15Right Time194 km
3Gwalior Jn11:2511:30Right Time313 km
4Jhansi Jn13:0013:10Right Time410 km
5Bhopal Jn17:3017:40Right Time700 km
6Nagpur00:2000:30Right Time1088 km
7Chandrapur Maharashtra03:2103:24Right Time1286 km
8Balharshah04:2004:30Right Time1299 km
9Sirpur Kaghaznagar05:2705:28Right Time1369 km
10Ramagundam06:1706:18Right Time1441 km
11Peddapalli06:3306:34Right Time1459 km
12Warangal07:4807:50Right Time1542 km
13Khammam09:3909:40Right Time1649 km
14Vijayawada Jn11:3011:45Right Time1748 km
15Eluru12:2912:30Right Time1808 km
16Tadepalligudem12:5913:00Right Time1855 km
17Rajamundry13:5513:57Right Time1898 km
18Samalkot Jn14:4414:45Right Time1948 km
19Anakapalle16:0916:10Right Time2065 km
20Duvvada17:1317:15Right Time2081 km
21Visakhapatnam17:50Right Time2099 km