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22421 SALASAR SUP FAST Running status

Arrival08:02 Right Time
Departure08:04 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Nov 2018 10:15
1Delhi S Rohilla07:05Right TimeYet to start
2Delhi Cantt07:2207:24Right Time10 km
3Gurgaon07:4007:42Right Time27 km
4Pataudi Road08:0208:04Right Time57 km
5Rewari08:5008:55Right Time78 km
6Mahendragarh09:2909:32Right Time128 km
7Satnali09:5009:51Right Time152 km
8Loharu Jn10:0510:10Right Time169 km
9Rampura Beri10:2510:27Right Time190 km
10Sadulpur Jn10:5511:00Right Time219 km
11Churu11:4211:52Right Time277 km
12Ratangarh Jn12:5012:53Right Time320 km
13Talchhapar13:1513:16Right Time352 km
14Sujangarh13:2413:29Right Time366 km
15Ladnun13:4913:54Right Time375 km
16Didwana14:0914:11Right Time406 km
17Khunkhuna14:2514:26Right Time422 km
18Chhoti Khatu14:4114:42Right Time442 km
19Degana Jn15:0615:09Right Time472 km
20Merta Road Jn15:5716:00Right Time517 km
21Jodhpur Jn17:5518:10Right Time621 km
22Bhagat Ki Kothi18:20Right Time624 km