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22532 MTJ CPR SF EXP Running status

Departure23:50 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Nov 2018 10:15
1Mathura Jn23:50Right TimeYet to start
2Hathras City00:3400:36Right Time42 km
3Kasganj01:3001:40Right Time105 km
4Kaimganj02:3502:38Right Time183 km
5Farrukhabad Jn03:1003:15Right Time213 km
6Fatehgarh03:3003:31Right Time218 km
7Kannauj04:1404:17Right Time272 km
8Kanpur Anwarganj05:4205:45Right Time350 km
9Kanpur Central05:5506:00Right Time352 km
10Aishbagh07:2207:32Right Time428 km
11Badshahnagar07:5507:58Right Time437 km
12Barabanki Jn08:3608:38Right Time461 km
13Gonda Jn09:5210:12Right Time550 km
14Mankapur Jn10:3610:38Right Time578 km
15Maskanwa10:5010:52Right Time593 km
16Basti11:3911:42Right Time639 km
17Khalilabad12:0412:06Right Time669 km
18Gorakhpur12:5713:07Right Time704 km
19Deoria Sadar13:4613:48Right Time753 km
20Bhatni Jn14:1014:12Right Time774 km
21Bhatpar Rani14:2114:22Right Time787 km
22Siwan Jn14:5114:56Right Time823 km
23Chhapra15:55Right Time883 km