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22820 INTER CITY EXP Running status

Departure15:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Jan 2019 2:15
1Visakhapatnam15:25Right TimeYet to start
2Simhachalam15:4115:43Right Time8 km
3Vizianagram Jn16:2516:30Right Time61 km
4Chipurupalli16:5516:56Right Time91 km
5Ponduru17:1417:15Right Time115 km
6Srikakulam Road17:3017:35Right Time130 km
7Tilaru17:5017:51Right Time150 km
8Kotabommali18:0218:03Right Time163 km
9Naupada Jn18:1518:16Right Time177 km
10Palasa18:4518:50Right Time203 km
11Mandasa Road19:0319:04Right Time216 km
12Sompeta19:1919:20Right Time235 km
13Ichchapuram19:3319:34Right Time253 km
14Brahmapur19:5520:00Right Time277 km
15Chatrapur20:1420:15Right Time298 km
16Ganjam20:2320:24Right Time307 km
17Rambha20:3920:40Right Time325 km
18Khallikot20:5020:51Right Time336 km
19Chilka20:5720:58Right Time346 km
20Balugaon21:0421:05Right Time353 km
21Gangadharpur21:1721:18Right Time366 km
22Kuhuri21:2621:27Right Time374 km
23Kalupara Ghat21:3321:34Right Time380 km
24Bhusandpur21:4021:41Right Time390 km
25Nirakarpur21:4721:48Right Time398 km
26Khurda Road Jn22:4522:50Right Time424 km
27Bhubaneswar23:20Right Time443 km