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22956 KUTCH EXPRESS Running status

Departure20:15 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 2:15
1Bhuj20:15Right TimeYet to start
2Anjar20:4820:50Right Time42 km
3Adipur20:5921:01Right Time49 km
4Gandhidham Jn21:2021:45Right Time58 km
5Bhachau22:1322:15Right Time95 km
6Samakhiali Jn22:3822:40Right Time111 km
7Maliya Miyana Jn23:1023:12Right Time151 km
8Halvad23:4523:47Right Time196 km
9Dhrangandhra00:1600:18Right Time227 km
10Viramgam Jn01:3601:38Right Time293 km
11Ahmedabad Jn02:5003:10Right Time358 km
12Nadiad Jn03:5403:56Right Time404 km
13Anand Jn04:1404:16Right Time422 km
14Vadodara Jn04:5705:02Right Time458 km
15Bharuch Jn05:5005:52Right Time528 km
16Ankleshwar Jn06:0106:03Right Time538 km
17Surat06:5507:00Right Time587 km
18Navsari07:1207:23Right Time616 km
19Valsad08:0208:07Right Time656 km
20Vapi08:2908:31Right Time680 km
21Borivali10:3710:41Right Time820 km
22Bandra Terminus11:25Right Time839 km