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22982 SGNR KOTA SF Running status

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Shri Ganganagar-SGNR
EExpected17:40 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Shri Ganganagar17:40Right TimeYet to start
2Sadulshahr18:0118:03Right Time29 km
3Hanumangarh Jn18:4019:00Right Time66 km
4Pili Bangan19:2119:23Right Time92 km
5Suratgarh Jn19:5019:55Right Time116 km
6Mahajan20:4120:43Right Time179 km
7Lunkaransar21:1421:16Right Time218 km
8Lalgarh Jn22:1622:18Right Time294 km
9Bikaner Jn22:5023:05Right Time298 km
10Deshnoke23:3123:33Right Time330 km
11Nokha23:5900:01Right Time362 km
12Nagaur00:4200:47Right Time413 km
13Degana Jn02:1002:13Right Time516 km
14Makrana Jn02:4702:50Right Time560 km
15Nawa City03:2203:24Right Time589 km
16Sambhar Lake04:0304:05Right Time617 km
17Phulera Jn04:3504:37Right Time624 km
18Asalpur Jobner04:5204:53Right Time642 km
19Jaipur05:3005:40Right Time679 km
20Durgapura05:4605:49Right Time686 km
21Bansthali Niwai06:2806:30Right Time745 km
22Isarda06:5506:57Right Time771 km
23Chauth Ka Brwra07:1007:11Right Time789 km
24Sawai Madhopur07:4507:55Right Time810 km
25Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi08:2008:22Right Time847 km
26Lakheri08:3308:34Right Time858 km
27Keshorai Patan09:0509:07Right Time905 km
28Kota Jn09:50Right Time918 km