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24369 TRIBENI EXPRESS Running status

Departure15:35 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Oct 2018 2:15
1Shaktinagar15:35Right TimeYet to start
2Krishnashila15:5015:52Right Time11 km
3Anpara16:0616:08Right Time21 km
4Karaila Road Jn16:2416:26Right Time32 km
5Mirchadhorhi16:3616:38Right Time40 km
6Obra Dam17:1917:21Right Time70 km
7Chopan18:0018:30Right Time81 km
8Agori Khas18:4518:47Right Time91 km
9Churk19:0819:10Right Time103 km
10Robertsganj19:2419:26Right Time108 km
11Lusa20:2020:22Right Time142 km
12Saktesgarh20:5020:52Right Time163 km
13Chunar Jn21:5022:00Right Time184 km
14Mirzapur22:2522:30Right Time215 km
15Vindhyachal22:4022:42Right Time223 km
16Manda Road23:1323:15Right Time250 km
17Meja Road00:1500:17Right Time267 km
18Naini Jn01:4401:46Right Time293 km
19Allahabad Jn02:3003:00Right Time300 km
20Prayag Jn03:1203:13Right Time307 km
21Phaphamau Jn03:3103:32Right Time313 km
22Ram Chaura Road03:5103:52Right Time334 km
23Lalgopalganj03:5904:00Right Time341 km
24Kunda Harnamganj04:1404:16Right Time356 km
25Garhi Manikpur04:2804:29Right Time367 km
26Pariawan Kalakankar Road04:3704:38Right Time375 km
27Unchahar Jn04:5004:51Right Time385 km
28Lachhmanpur05:0705:08Right Time403 km
29Rae Bareli Jn05:3005:35Right Time423 km
30Harchandpur05:5205:53Right Time438 km
31Bachhrawn06:1406:15Right Time454 km
32Nigohan06:3406:35Right Time465 km
33Lucknow07:5008:10Right Time501 km
34Alam Nagar08:2808:29Right Time507 km
35Sandila09:0009:02Right Time550 km
36Hardoi09:5409:57Right Time603 km
37Shahjehanpur11:0011:05Right Time665 km
38Bareilly12:40Right Time736 km