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30346 BNJ MJT LOCAL Running status

09:53, Late 3m
Departed from Dum Dum at 11:47, 69 kms. ahead of Bangaon Jn
Running Late 11 mins
Train is diverted between Dum Dum and Majerhat
Updated16 Oct 2018 12:40
1Bangaon Jn09:53Late 3mDeparted
2Bibhuti Bhushan H09:5409:55Right Time
3Chandpara10:0210:03Late 3mDeparted
4Thakurnagar10:0710:08Late 4mDeparted
5Gobardanga10:1310:14Late 5mDeparted
6Machhalandapur10:1810:19Late 6mDeparted
7Sanhati H10:1710:18Right Time
8Habra10:2810:29Late 5mDeparted
9Ashoknagar Road10:3210:33Late 5m
10Guma10:3810:39Late 7mDeparted
11Bira10:4410:45Late 9mDeparted
12Dattapukur10:4910:50Late 10mDeparted
13Bamangacchi10:5310:54Late 10mDeparted
14Barasat Jn10:5811:00Late 2mDeparted
15Hridaypur11:0011:01Right Time
16Madhyamgram11:0911:10Late 6mDeparted
17New Barrackpur11:0611:07Right Time
18Bisharpara Kodaliya11:0911:10Right Time
19Birati11:2211:23Late 10mDeparted
20Durganagar F11:1511:16Right Time
21Dumdum Cantonment11:2911:30Late 11mDeparted
22Dum Dum11:4611:47Late 11mDeparted 297 min ago updated
23Kankurgachhi Road Jn11:5311:54Late 11m-69 km away
24Park Circus12:0012:01Late 11m-69 km away
25Ballygunge Jn12:0412:05Late 11m-69 km away
26MILE12:0912:10Late 11m-69 km away
27New Alipore12:1412:15Late 11m-69 km away
28Patipukur11:4011:41Right Time2 km away
29Kolkata11:4511:46Right Time3 km away
30Tala11:4911:50Right Time5 km away
31Bagh Bazar11:5211:53Right Time6 km away
32Sovabazar Ahiritola11:5511:56Right Time8 km away
33Barra Bazar11:5711:58Right Time9 km away
34Benoy Badal Dinesh Bag12:0512:11Right Time10 km away
35Eden Garden12:1412:15Right Time12 km away
36Princepghat12:2012:21Right Time14 km away
37Khidirpur12:2512:26Right Time16 km away
38Re Mount Road12:2812:29Right Time18 km away
39Majerhat12:56Late 21m19 km away