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31515 SDAH STB LOCAL Running status

Departure07:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Oct 2018 2:15
1Sealdah07:25Right TimeYet to start
2Bidhannagar Road07:3207:33Right Time7 km
3Dum Dum07:3707:38Right Time10 km
4Belgharia07:4207:43Right Time14 km
5Agarpara07:4507:46Right Time17 km
6Sodepur07:4807:49Right Time19 km
7Khardaha07:5207:53Right Time21 km
8Titagarh07:5507:56Right Time23 km
9Barrackpore08:0108:02Right Time25 km
10Palta08:0408:05Right Time28 km
11Ichhapur08:0708:08Right Time30 km
12Shyamnagar08:1408:15Right Time33 km
13Jagadal08:1808:19Right Time36 km
14Kankinara08:2008:21Right Time38 km
15Naihati Jn08:2808:29Right Time41 km
16Halishahar08:3308:34Right Time45 km
17Kanchrapara08:3708:38Right Time48 km
18Kalyani08:4108:42Right Time51 km
19Madanpur08:4608:47Right Time56 km
20Simurali08:5008:51Right Time60 km
21Palpara08:5308:54Right Time62 km
22Chakdaha08:5608:57Right Time65 km
23Payradanga09:0109:02Right Time71 km
24Ranaghat Jn09:1309:14Right Time76 km
25Kalinarynpur Jn09:2009:21Right Time80 km
26Habibpur09:2409:25Right Time84 km
27Phulia09:2909:30Right Time89 km
28Bathna Krittibas H09:3309:34Right Time93 km
29Shantipur09:42Right Time96 km