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31537 SDAH STB LOCAL Running status

Departure20:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Sealdah20:45Right TimeYet to start
2Bidhannagar Road20:5220:53Right Time7 km
3Dum Dum20:5720:58Right Time10 km
4Belgharia21:0221:03Right Time14 km
5Agarpara21:0521:06Right Time17 km
6Sodepur21:0821:09Right Time19 km
7Khardaha21:1221:13Right Time21 km
8Titagarh21:1521:16Right Time23 km
9Barrackpore21:1921:20Right Time25 km
10Palta21:2221:23Right Time28 km
11Ichhapur21:2521:26Right Time30 km
12Shyamnagar21:2921:30Right Time33 km
13Jagadal21:3321:34Right Time36 km
14Kankinara21:3621:37Right Time38 km
15Naihati Jn21:4821:49Right Time41 km
16Halishahar21:5321:54Right Time45 km
17Kanchrapara21:5721:58Right Time48 km
18Kalyani22:0122:02Right Time51 km
19Madanpur22:0622:07Right Time56 km
20Simurali22:1022:11Right Time60 km
21Palpara22:1322:14Right Time62 km
22Chakdaha22:1722:18Right Time65 km
23Payradanga22:2422:25Right Time71 km
24Ranaghat Jn22:3322:34Right Time76 km
25Kalinarynpur Jn22:4122:42Right Time80 km
26Habibpur22:4622:47Right Time84 km
27Phulia22:5122:52Right Time89 km
28Shantipur23:03Right Time96 km