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31838 KNJ SDAH LOCAL Running status

Arrival20:20 Right Time
Departure20:21 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Krishngr Cty Jn20:00Right TimeYet to start
2Badkulla20:0620:07Right Time10 km
3Taherpur20:1120:12Right Time15 km
4Birnagar20:1420:15Right Time18 km
5Kalinarynpur Jn20:2020:21Right Time22 km
6Ranaghat Jn20:3420:35Right Time26 km
7Payradanga20:4020:41Right Time32 km
8Chakdaha20:4520:46Right Time37 km
9Palpara20:4820:49Right Time40 km
10Simurali20:5120:52Right Time42 km
11Madanpur20:5520:56Right Time46 km
12Kalyani21:0021:01Right Time51 km
13Kanchrapara21:0321:04Right Time54 km
14Halishahar21:0521:06Right Time57 km
15Naihati Jn21:1721:18Right Time62 km
16Kankinara21:2221:23Right Time64 km
17Jagadal21:2521:26Right Time66 km
18Shyamnagar21:2821:29Right Time69 km
19Ichhapur21:3221:33Right Time72 km
20Palta21:3521:36Right Time74 km
21Barrackpore21:3821:39Right Time77 km
22Titagarh21:4221:43Right Time79 km
23Khardaha21:4521:46Right Time81 km
24Sodepur21:4921:50Right Time84 km
25Agarpara21:5221:53Right Time86 km
26Belgharia21:5521:56Right Time88 km
27Dum Dum22:0022:01Right Time92 km
28Bidhannagar Road22:0522:06Right Time96 km
29Sealdah22:25Right Time102 km