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33061 CG BT LOCAL Running status

Departure14:32 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Nov 2018 10:15
1Canning14:32Right TimeYet to start
2Taldi14:3714:38Right Time7 km
3Betberia Ghola H14:4114:42Right Time11 km
4Ghutiari Sharif14:4514:46Right Time14 km
5Gaurdaha H14:4914:50Right Time17 km
6Piali14:5114:52Right Time18 km
7Champahati14:5414:55Right Time21 km
8Kalikapur F14:5814:59Right Time23 km
9Bidyadharpur F15:0115:02Right Time26 km
10Sonarpur Jn15:1315:14Right Time29 km
11Narendrapur H15:1615:17Right Time31 km
12Garia F15:1815:19Right Time33 km
13Bagha Jatin F15:2215:23Right Time35 km
14Jadabpur15:2615:27Right Time37 km
15Dhakuria F15:2915:30Right Time39 km
16Ballygunge Jn15:3515:36Right Time40 km
17Park Circus15:4015:41Right Time42 km
18Sir Gurudass Banerjee H15:5115:52Right Time46 km
19Bidhannagar Road16:0216:03Right Time48 km
20Dum Dum16:0916:10Right Time51 km
21Dumdum Cantonment16:1616:17Right Time54 km
22Durganagar F16:1916:20Right Time56 km
23Birati16:2216:23Right Time58 km
24New Barrackpur16:2516:26Right Time61 km
25Madhyamgram16:3216:33Right Time62 km
26Hridaypur16:3516:36Right Time64 km
27Barasat Jn16:44Right Time66 km