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33821 SDAH BNJ LOCAL Running status

Departure08:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Oct 2018 2:15
1Sealdah08:10Right TimeYet to start
2Bidhannagar Road08:1708:18Right Time7 km
3Dum Dum08:2208:23Right Time10 km
4Dumdum Cantonment08:2808:29Right Time13 km
5Durganagar F08:3108:32Right Time15 km
6Birati08:3408:35Right Time16 km
7Bisharpara Kodaliya08:3708:38Right Time18 km
8New Barrackpur08:4008:41Right Time19 km
9Madhyamgram08:4308:44Right Time21 km
10Hridaypur08:4608:47Right Time23 km
11Barasat Jn08:5308:54Right Time25 km
12Bamangacchi08:5808:59Right Time29 km
13Dattapukur09:0209:03Right Time33 km
14Bira09:0709:08Right Time37 km
15Guma09:1209:13Right Time40 km
16Ashoknagar Road09:1609:17Right Time44 km
17Habra09:1909:20Right Time47 km
18Sanhati H09:2509:26Right Time52 km
19Machhalandapur09:3009:31Right Time56 km
20Gobardanga09:3509:36Right Time60 km
21Thakurnagar09:4009:41Right Time65 km
22Chandpara09:4409:45Right Time69 km
23Bibhuti Bhushan H09:4909:50Right Time74 km
24Bangaon Jn10:05Right Time79 km