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34792 SDAH NMKA LOCAL Running status

Departure13:20 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Sealdah13:20Right TimeYet to start
2Ballygunge Jn13:2813:29Right Time5 km
3Dhakuria F13:3013:31Right Time6 km
4Jadabpur13:3313:34Right Time8 km
5Bagha Jatin F13:3513:36Right Time10 km
6Garia F13:4013:41Right Time12 km
7Narendrapur H13:4213:43Right Time14 km
8Sonarpur Jn13:4613:47Right Time16 km
9Subhas Gram13:5013:51Right Time20 km
10Malikpur13:5313:54Right Time22 km
11Baruipur Jn14:0014:01Right Time25 km
12Shasan Road F14:0514:06Right Time27 km
13Krishnamohan H14:0714:08Right Time29 km
14Dhapdhapi14:1114:12Right Time31 km
15Surjyapur F14:1414:15Right Time34 km
16Gocharan14:1714:18Right Time36 km
17Hogla H14:2014:21Right Time38 km
18Dakshin Barasat14:2414:25Right Time42 km
19Baharu F14:2814:29Right Time44 km
20Jayanagar Majilpur H14:3414:35Right Time49 km
21Mathurapur Road14:4014:41Right Time54 km
22Madhabpur H14:4614:47Right Time58 km
23Lakshmikantapur14:5614:58Right Time61 km
24Udayrampur H15:0515:06Right Time67 km
25Kulpi F15:1015:11Right Time71 km
26Karanjali H15:1515:16Right Time75 km
27Nishchindapur15:2615:31Right Time83 km
28Kashinagar H15:3815:39Right Time92 km
29Kakdwip15:4215:43Right Time95 km
30Namkhana16:02Right Time108 km