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34842 SDAH DH LOCAL Running status

Departure15:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Dec 2018 10:15
1Sealdah15:40Right TimeYet to start
2Ballygunge Jn15:4815:49Right Time5 km
3Dhakuria F15:5015:51Right Time6 km
4Jadabpur15:5315:54Right Time8 km
5Bagha Jatin F15:5515:56Right Time10 km
6Garia F16:0016:01Right Time12 km
7Narendrapur H16:0316:04Right Time14 km
8Sonarpur Jn16:0816:09Right Time16 km
9Subhas Gram16:1216:13Right Time20 km
10Malikpur16:1616:17Right Time22 km
11Baruipur Jn16:2416:25Right Time25 km
12Kalyanpur16:2916:30Right Time28 km
13Dakshin Durgapur H16:3216:33Right Time30 km
14Hotar16:3516:36Right Time32 km
15Dhamua16:3816:39Right Time34 km
16Uttar Radha Nagar H16:4116:42Right Time37 km
17Magra Hat16:4516:46Right Time40 km
18Bahirpuya H16:4916:50Right Time43 km
19Sangrampur16:5216:53Right Time45 km
20Deula16:5716:58Right Time50 km
21Netra17:0017:01Right Time53 km
22Basuldanga17:0317:04Right Time55 km
23Gurudas Nagar17:0617:07Right Time57 km
24Diamond Harbour17:20Right Time60 km