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34858 SDAH DH LOCAL Running status

Departure22:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Dec 2018 10:15
1Sealdah22:45Right TimeYet to start
2Ballygunge Jn22:5322:54Right Time5 km
3Dhakuria F22:5522:56Right Time6 km
4Jadabpur22:5822:59Right Time8 km
5Bagha Jatin F23:0023:01Right Time10 km
6Garia F23:0523:06Right Time12 km
7Sonarpur Jn23:1023:11Right Time16 km
8Subhas Gram23:1523:16Right Time20 km
9Malikpur23:1823:19Right Time22 km
10Baruipur Jn23:2623:27Right Time25 km
11Kalyanpur23:3123:32Right Time28 km
12Dakshin Durgapur H23:3423:35Right Time30 km
13Hotar23:3723:38Right Time32 km
14Dhamua23:4023:41Right Time34 km
15Uttar Radha Nagar H23:4323:44Right Time37 km
16Magra Hat23:4723:48Right Time40 km
17Bahirpuya H23:5123:52Right Time43 km
18Sangrampur23:5423:55Right Time45 km
19Deula23:5900:00Right Time50 km
20Netra00:0200:03Right Time53 km
21Basuldanga00:0500:06Right Time55 km
22Gurudas Nagar00:0800:09Right Time57 km
23Diamond Harbour00:20Right Time60 km