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36831 HWH BWN CHORD Running status

Departure14:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated13 Dec 2018 10:15
1Howrah Jn14:45Right TimeYet to start
2Liluah14:5214:53Right Time5 km
3Belur14:5514:56Right Time7 km
4Belanagar15:0115:02Right Time11 km
5Dankuni15:0615:07Right Time15 km
6Gobra15:0915:10Right Time18 km
7Janai Road15:1315:14Right Time21 km
8Begampur15:1515:16Right Time23 km
9Barui Para15:1915:20Right Time27 km
10Mirzapur Bankipur15:2315:24Right Time30 km
11Balarambati15:2515:26Right Time32 km
12Kamarkundu15:2915:30Right Time34 km
13Madhu Sudanpur15:3315:34Right Time36 km
14Chandanpur15:3815:39Right Time41 km
15Porabazar15:4315:44Right Time45 km
16Belmuri15:4515:46Right Time47 km
17Dhaniakhali H15:4815:49Right Time49 km
18Sibaichandi15:5115:52Right Time52 km
19Cheragram15:5415:55Right Time54 km
20Hajigarh15:5715:58Right Time56 km
21Gurap16:0016:01Right Time58 km
22Jhapandanga16:0416:05Right Time63 km
23Jaugram16:0916:10Right Time65 km
24Nabagram16:1516:16Right Time69 km
25Massagram16:1816:19Right Time72 km
26Chanchal H16:2216:23Right Time75 km
27Palla Road16:2516:26Right Time78 km
28Saktigarh16:3016:31Right Time83 km
29Gangpur16:3416:35Right Time88 km
30Barddhaman16:52Right Time95 km