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36854 BWN HWH CHORD Running status

Departure20:05 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Oct 2018 2:15
1Barddhaman20:05Right TimeYet to start
2Gangpur20:1020:11Right Time7 km
3Saktigarh20:1520:16Right Time12 km
4Palla Road20:2020:21Right Time17 km
5Chanchal H20:2320:24Right Time20 km
6Massagram20:2720:28Right Time23 km
7Nabagram20:3020:31Right Time26 km
8Jaugram20:3520:36Right Time30 km
9Jhapandanga20:3820:39Right Time32 km
10Gurap20:4320:44Right Time37 km
11Hajigarh20:4620:47Right Time39 km
12Sibaichandi20:5020:51Right Time43 km
13Dhaniakhali H20:5320:54Right Time46 km
14Belmuri20:5420:55Right Time48 km
15Porabazar20:5820:59Right Time50 km
16Chandanpur21:0321:04Right Time54 km
17Madhu Sudanpur21:0821:09Right Time59 km
18Kamarkundu21:1221:13Right Time61 km
19Balarambati21:1521:16Right Time63 km
20Mirzapur Bankipur21:1721:18Right Time65 km
21Barui Para21:2121:22Right Time68 km
22Begampur21:2521:26Right Time72 km
23Janai Road21:2721:28Right Time74 km
24Gobra21:3121:32Right Time77 km
25Dankuni21:3521:36Right Time80 km
26Belanagar21:3921:40Right Time84 km
27Belur21:4521:46Right Time88 km
28Liluah21:4821:49Right Time90 km
29Howrah Jn22:10Right Time95 km