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37362 AMBG HWH LOCAL Running status

Departure08:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Oct 2018 2:15
1Arambag08:30Right TimeYet to start
2Mayapur08:3908:40Right Time9 km
3Takipur Halt08:4808:49Right Time15 km
4Talpur08:5608:57Right Time20 km
5Tarakeswar09:1109:12Right Time24 km
6Loknath09:1409:15Right Time27 km
7Bahir Khanda09:1909:20Right Time31 km
8Kaikala09:2209:23Right Time34 km
9Haripal09:2509:26Right Time37 km
10Maliya H09:2809:29Right Time39 km
11Nalikul09:3109:32Right Time42 km
12Kamarkundu Lower09:3609:37Right Time46 km
13Singur09:3809:39Right Time48 km
14Nasibpur09:4309:44Right Time52 km
15Diara09:4609:47Right Time54 km
16Seoraphuli Jn10:0210:03Right Time59 km
17Shrirampur10:0810:09Right Time62 km
18Rishra10:1310:14Right Time65 km
19Konnagar10:1610:17Right Time68 km
20Hind Motor10:1810:19Right Time70 km
21Uttarpara10:2110:22Right Time72 km
22Bally10:2310:24Right Time73 km
23Belur10:2610:27Right Time75 km
24Liluah10:2910:30Right Time77 km
25Howrah Jn10:45Right Time82 km