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37378 GOGT HWH LOCAL Running status

Departure21:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated12 Nov 2018 10:15
1Goghat21:25Right TimeYet to start
2Arambag21:3921:40Right Time10 km
3Mayapur21:4921:50Right Time18 km
4Takipur Halt21:5821:59Right Time24 km
5Talpur22:0622:07Right Time30 km
6Tarakeswar22:2022:25Right Time34 km
7Loknath22:2722:28Right Time36 km
8Bahir Khanda22:3222:33Right Time41 km
9Kaikala22:3522:36Right Time43 km
10Haripal22:3822:39Right Time46 km
11Maliya H22:4122:42Right Time48 km
12Nalikul22:4422:45Right Time51 km
13Kamarkundu Lower22:4822:49Right Time55 km
14Singur22:5122:52Right Time58 km
15Nasibpur22:5522:56Right Time61 km
16Diara22:5822:59Right Time64 km
17Seoraphuli Jn23:1423:15Right Time69 km
18Shrirampur23:2023:21Right Time72 km
19Rishra23:2523:26Right Time75 km
20Konnagar23:2823:29Right Time77 km
21Hind Motor23:3123:32Right Time79 km
22Uttarpara23:3423:35Right Time81 km
23Bally23:3623:37Right Time82 km
24Belur23:3923:40Right Time85 km
25Liluah23:4223:43Right Time87 km
26Howrah Jn23:58Right Time91 km