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37755 BDC KWAE LOCAL Running status

Departure19:35 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Bandel Jn19:35Right TimeYet to start
2Bansh Baria19:4019:41Right Time4 km
3Tribeni19:4419:45Right Time8 km
4Kuntighat19:4719:48Right Time12 km
5Dumurdaha19:5019:51Right Time15 km
6Khamargachhi19:5319:54Right Time17 km
7Jirat19:5719:58Right Time22 km
8Balagarh20:0120:02Right Time25 km
9Somra Bazar20:0420:05Right Time28 km
10Behula20:0820:09Right Time33 km
11Guptipara20:1120:12Right Time35 km
12Ambika Kalna20:1720:18Right Time42 km
13Baghnapara20:2120:22Right Time46 km
14Dhatrigram20:2620:27Right Time51 km
15Samudragarh20:3420:35Right Time58 km
16Kalinagar20:3820:39Right Time61 km
17Nabadwip Dham20:4520:47Right Time66 km
18Bhandartikuri20:5120:52Right Time71 km
19Purbasthali20:5620:57Right Time73 km
20Lakshmipur21:0121:02Right Time79 km
21Belerhat21:0421:05Right Time82 km
22Patuli21:0921:10Right Time87 km
23Agradwip21:1421:15Right Time92 km
24Dainhat21:2021:21Right Time98 km
25Katwa Jn21:45Right Time105 km