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37852 BWN HWH LOCAL Running status

Departure19:55 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Oct 2018 2:15
1Barddhaman19:55Right TimeYet to start
2Gangpur20:0120:02Right Time7 km
3Saktigarh20:0620:07Right Time12 km
4Palsit20:0920:10Right Time15 km
5Rasulpur20:1320:14Right Time19 km
6Nimo H20:1720:18Right Time22 km
7Memari20:2020:21Right Time25 km
8Bagila20:2320:24Right Time29 km
9Debipur20:2720:28Right Time32 km
10Bainchi20:3120:32Right Time37 km
11Bainchigram20:3420:35Right Time39 km
12Simlagarh20:3720:38Right Time41 km
13Pundooah20:4120:42Right Time46 km
14Khanyan20:4620:47Right Time52 km
15Talandu20:4820:49Right Time57 km
16Magra20:5320:54Right Time60 km
17Adi Saptagram20:5620:57Right Time64 km
18Bandel Jn21:1121:12Right Time67 km
19Hooghly21:1421:15Right Time69 km
20Chuchura21:1821:19Right Time71 km
21Chandan Nagar21:2121:22Right Time74 km
22Mankundu21:2421:25Right Time76 km
23Bhadreshwar21:2721:28Right Time78 km
24Baidyabati21:3021:31Right Time82 km
25Seoraphuli Jn21:3321:34Right Time84 km
26Shrirampur21:3621:37Right Time87 km
27Rishra21:4021:41Right Time90 km
28Konnagar21:4421:45Right Time93 km
29Hind Motor21:4621:47Right Time95 km
30Uttarpara21:4921:50Right Time97 km
31Bally21:5121:52Right Time98 km
32Belur21:5421:55Right Time100 km
33Liluah21:5821:59Right Time102 km
34Howrah Jn22:15Right Time107 km