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38431 HWH PKU LOCAL Running status

Departure15:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Oct 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn15:45Right TimeYet to start
2Tikiapara15:5415:55Right Time3 km
3Dashnagar15:5715:58Right Time4 km
4Ramrajatala16:0016:01Right Time6 km
5Santragachi Jn16:0416:05Right Time7 km
6Andul16:1116:12Right Time12 km
7Sankrail16:1616:17Right Time16 km
8Abada16:1916:20Right Time17 km
9Nalpur16:2216:23Right Time20 km
10Bauria Jn16:2716:28Right Time24 km
11Chengel16:3116:32Right Time27 km
12Fuleswar16:3416:35Right Time30 km
13Ulubaria16:3916:40Right Time32 km
14Birshibpur16:4416:45Right Time36 km
15Kulgachia16:4816:49Right Time40 km
16Bagnan16:5516:56Right Time45 km
17Ghoraghata16:5917:00Right Time48 km
18Deulti17:0217:03Right Time51 km
19Kolaghat17:0717:08Right Time55 km
20Mecheda17:1217:13Right Time58 km
21Nandaigajan P H17:1617:17Right Time61 km
22Bhogpur17:2017:21Right Time64 km
23Narayan Pakuria Murail17:2417:25Right Time67 km
24Panskura17:35Right Time73 km