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38706 KGP HWH LOCAL Running status

Arrival07:38 Right Time
Departure07:39 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Kharagpur Jn05:25Right TimeYet to start
2Jakpur05:3505:36Right Time7 km
3Madpur05:4005:41Right Time13 km
4Shyam Chak05:4505:46Right Time18 km
5Balichak05:5105:52Right Time24 km
6Duan05:5405:55Right Time28 km
7Radhamohanpur05:5805:59Right Time31 km
8Haur06:0306:04Right Time35 km
9Khirai06:0806:09Right Time39 km
10Panskura06:1406:15Right Time45 km
11Narayan Pakuria Murail06:1806:19Right Time50 km
12Bhogpur06:2306:24Right Time54 km
13Mecheda06:2906:30Right Time59 km
14Kolaghat06:3306:34Right Time63 km
15Deulti06:3806:39Right Time67 km
16Ghoraghata06:4106:42Right Time70 km
17Bagnan06:4606:47Right Time72 km
18Kulgachia06:5106:52Right Time78 km
19Birshibpur06:5506:56Right Time81 km
20Ulubaria07:0007:01Right Time85 km
21Fuleswar07:0407:05Right Time88 km
22Chengel07:0707:08Right Time90 km
23Bauria Jn07:1207:13Right Time93 km
24Nalpur07:1607:17Right Time97 km
25Abada07:2007:21Right Time100 km
26Sankrail07:2307:24Right Time102 km
27Andul07:2807:29Right Time105 km
28Santragachi Jn07:3507:36Right Time110 km
29Ramrajatala07:3807:39Right Time111 km
30Dashnagar07:4107:42Right Time113 km
31Tikiapara07:4507:46Right Time115 km
32Howrah Jn08:02Right Time118 km