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38824 MDN HWH LOCAL Running status

Departure16:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Oct 2018 2:15
1Midnapore16:00Right TimeYet to start
2Gokulpur16:0916:10Right Time7 km
3Girimaidan16:1416:15Right Time11 km
4Kharagpur Jn16:2716:30Right Time13 km
5Jakpur16:4016:41Right Time20 km
6Madpur16:4516:46Right Time26 km
7Shyam Chak16:5016:51Right Time31 km
8Balichak16:5516:56Right Time37 km
9Duan16:5816:59Right Time40 km
10Radhamohanpur17:0217:03Right Time44 km
11Haur17:0717:08Right Time48 km
12Khirai17:1317:14Right Time52 km
13Panskura17:2017:21Right Time57 km
14Bhogpur17:2717:28Right Time67 km
15Nandaigajan P H17:3117:32Right Time69 km
16Mecheda17:3617:37Right Time72 km
17Kolaghat17:4017:41Right Time75 km
18Deulti17:4617:47Right Time79 km
19Ghoraghata17:5117:52Right Time82 km
20Bagnan17:5517:56Right Time85 km
21Kulgachia18:0218:03Right Time91 km
22Birshibpur18:0718:08Right Time94 km
23Ulubaria18:1218:13Right Time98 km
24Fuleswar18:1618:17Right Time101 km
25Bauria Jn18:2218:23Right Time106 km
26Nalpur18:2718:28Right Time110 km
27Andul18:3718:38Right Time118 km
28Santragachi Jn18:4518:46Right Time123 km
29Howrah Jn19:25Right Time130 km