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38917 HWH AMZ LOCAL Running status

Arrival19:05 Right Time
Departure19:06 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Oct 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn18:07Right TimeYet to start
2Tikiapara18:1618:17Right Time3 km
3Dashnagar18:1918:20Right Time4 km
4Ramrajatala18:2218:23Right Time6 km
5Santragachi Jn18:2618:27Right Time7 km
6Bankra Nayabaz18:3918:40Right Time19 km
7Kona Ph18:4418:45Right Time23 km
8Dansi Ph18:4918:50Right Time26 km
9Jhaluarbar18:5218:53Right Time28 km
10Makardaha18:5518:56Right Time30 km
11Domjur Road18:5718:58Right Time31 km
12Domjur19:0019:01Right Time32 km
13Dakshinbari19:0519:06Right Time36 km
14Bargachia19:1219:13Right Time41 km
15Pantihal19:1819:19Right Time43 km
16Munsirhat P H19:2119:22Right Time46 km
17Mahendralalnagar19:2319:24Right Time46 km
18Maju Ph19:2719:28Right Time50 km
19Jalalsi P H19:3119:32Right Time54 km
20Harishdadpur Ph19:3419:35Right Time56 km
21Amta19:45Right Time58 km